Bari, citizenship income illegally received: 109 complaints

The Guardia di Finanza denounced 109 people who allegedly received citizenship income illegally for a total amount of 900 thousand euros. The operation conducted by the Fiamme Gialle is from Bari is called ‘Veritas’. Seized numerous financial assets, as well as postamat Rdc cards, used to withdraw the subsidy.

The investigations began by identifying people convicted of mafia crimes or other serious crimes. The data acquired were crossed with others extrapolated from the databases supplied to the Guardia di Finanza, isolating 109 subjects residing in the Metropolitan City of Bari and in the BAT province to be subjected to investigations. The checks were carried out in synergy with the competent provincial Inps departments.

The investigations revealed that, in violation of the relevant legislation, numerous applicants for the benefit (before or after the submission of the relative request to INPS) would have failed to communicate that they were burdened by a criminal sentence of definitive conviction, issued by the competent judicial authority in the previous decade, for the crime of mafia-type association or for other criminal offenses connected to mafia activities. Among the undue beneficiaries of the “citizenship income” a leading exponent of a clan active in the territory of the Bat province was identified, definitively convicted, as well as for the crime of mafia association, also for the attempted murder of an affiliate to the opposite criminal faction.

In other cases, however, it was ascertained that the members of the receiving households (before or after the presentation of the application) had failed to communicate to INPS. the presence of a cohabiting person burdened with such a criminal record or in prison. Specifically, it was ascertained that the benefit was illegitimate to the cohabitants of bosses and leading exponents of Bari (“Capriati” and “Di Cosola” clans) and those active in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani (clan Cannito-Lattanzio ”), convicted definitively for the crime of mafia-type association, as well as, in some cases, for murder, drug trafficking and possession of weapons.


Bari citizenship income illegally received complaints

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