Waking up in Rome today | The paper

Waking up in Rome today | The paper
Waking up in Rome today | The paper

The city is no longer recognized. Are we sure it is always her, Roma the Dirty? Or maybe Lausanne? The story of an astonished awakening in the Gualtieri era

“Do me a favor, get out!”. Because? “Don’t ask, go out and look around”. It was not Guido’s habit to call me at that hour of the morning. At 8 I was out. Safe at home, probably even in the head. It wasn’t my usual outside. Indeed. It wasn’t my home. I was not in the usual surroundings of the building with the usual overflowing bins to make the crown. Had I woken up in Lausanne? Perhaps? Was I in flirtatious Bergen? Had it been transformed into Selva di Val Gardena, Roma la Zozza? The air itself smelled of roses, of daffodils. On the terrace up there, almost November, the wisteria was blooming again. And Pesto, the dog, stuck by my side without throwing himself as usual towards the corner of the number 6 on which he has always loved to pee, stared at me dumbfounded. Everything looked neat, on this side as well as on the other side of the road. Even the old, dear stinking shadow, formed on the wall by Pesto and his fathers, is gone. Like weeds and plastics. No, it was not Rome, it could not, rather a miracle, a sleight of hand, a magical blunder, this triumph of light and clarity, of civility and cleanliness. I closed my eyes. I was passing out. But it was a moment, asshole that I was. The ballot, jeez! Gualtieri the companion! The new mayor! He kills, however, even though he speaks of the Roman-bourgeois Prati, almost Ztl. (Continue tomorrow: the peripheries of unease and strategic roots).

  • Andrea Marcenaro

  • He was born in Genoa on 18 July 1947. He is a journalist for Panorama, he collaborates with Il Foglio. His dad was on the left, his mom on the left, his brother is on the left, his wife is on the left, his son is on the left, his daughter-in-law is on the left, his in-laws are on the left, his brothers-in-law are all on the left, on the left also the former sister-in-law. Something had to do. He focuses on his granddaughter, for now at home they keep repeating that he is wrong. They add, from time to time, that it is also overbearing. The bully wanted a dog so badly. He had two cats.


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