“Oh well but you can’t”. Lucano case, live embarrassment – Libero Quotidiano

“Oh well but you can’t”. Lucano case, live embarrassment – Libero Quotidiano
“Oh well but you can’t”. Lucano case, live embarrassment – Libero Quotidiano

Hard confrontation between Giovanni Floris e Roberto Saviano in studio a Tuesday on the story of Mimmo Lucano. The host of the La7 talk shows the writer an interception in which the former mayor Pd from Riace advises a Nigerian immigrant to pretend to marry an Italian, in order to circumvent the law and obtain a residence permit to stay in Italy. In fact, in black and white, one of the tricks that led to the creation of the “Lucano system”, an intertwining of hospitality, propaganda and, according to the judges, personal return in terms of votes for the mayor, sentenced to 13 years in prison.

“With the new government there is Minniti, a bad person. They chase you away, they send you away. You have to do as Stella, I married her fast fast with Nazareno. It is not true that she got married, but according to the documents it is like this. “Floris is almost brutal:” Thus the Lucanian system collapsed. That is the law, we circumvent it because our law is valid “.

Saviano, a great supporter of the former mayor, is in evident difficulty. “That is a marriage of solidarity, I claim it. “Floris immediately interrupts him:” But it had to be claimed before, not when they condemn you. There civil disobedience it is one thing … “.” I understand – continues the author of Gomorrah – indeed you want to be condemned because through the condemnation you show the injustice of the law. But in this case Lucano preserves the community until the end. If I denounce everything, it ends, it becomes my whole act of disobedience “.

Floris stands up: “Oh well but you can’t keep a community beyond the law, a community that is not based on the law is not a community “. Saviano continues undaunted:” I believe that at the second degree Mimmo will be able to prove that he did everything for a good purpose. ” ‘is “, adds an increasingly disconcerted Floris.

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Lucano case live embarrassment Libero Quotidiano

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