here is the “gang of the honest” of the former prime minister, how many judicial troubles – Libero Quotidiano

here is the “gang of the honest” of the former prime minister, how many judicial troubles – Libero Quotidiano
here is the “gang of the honest” of the former prime minister, how many judicial troubles – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Specchia

October 20, 2021

“Honesty! Honesty! Honesty!”. In these hours, the motto of Piazza dei Cinque Stelle of a few millennia ago sounds breathless, the one that – directly inspired by Davigo’s poetics – pushed the band of Giuseppe Conte to consider the suspect “antechamber of truth”. Now, the news is that the former commissioner for Covid Mimmo Arcuri and the lawyer Luca Di Donna, associates in various capacities of Count, are officially under investigation for corruption, embezzlement and abuse of office and trafficking in illicit influences, all together. Approximation, repeated violations of the law, sticky morality: Conte’s band today reminds us of Totò’s Banda degli honest, we pass from the direction of Piercamillo Davigo to that of Camillo Mastrocinque. It remains to be seen whether Arcuri plays the part of Prince De Curtis or Peppino De Filippo, the mythical forger Lo Turco. Surely Di Donna is Giacomo Furia, the character actor of the three. Let’s premise: we are guaranteed, and this trio of the impossible is judicially innocent up to the third degree. Yet it is not beautiful. And it displaces the fact that Arcuri is being investigated for the maxi-order worth 1.25 billion for 800 million Made in China masks judged not only disproportionately expensive but downright dangerous. We had prepared ourselves, of course. Report on the case had built an episode, Libero on the subject has always been up to date. And it was enough to have children at school or listen to the invectives of Vincenzo De Luca (“Cheste so ‘le masks di Bugs Bunny”) to doubt that those devices, in the shape of a small diaper, could have been watertight. The investigations on Arcuri are also continuing for two other charges, which extend to the suspect accounts of Invitalia of which dear Mimmo is the omnipotent administrator.


Always innocent until proven otherwise, God forbid. Epperò makes it kind of read, by the Guardia di Finanza, that “a considerable portion of the entire supply has been validated on the basis of a systemic replacement of test reports”. All while Arcuri alternated complaints against journalists with hosted TV; and in the meantime the infections increased; Madame the Marquise told us that everything was fine; And signed contracts worth 100 million pieces with Dutch companies with only one employee, at doubled prices; and wrong supplies for the national needs of gowns, swabs, reagents. And if you did point it out to him, damn it, he would get pissed off and congratulate himself on “patting himself on the back.” Milena Gabanelli wrote in the Corriere della Sera: «Arcuri, an experienced political manager, does not have specific skills in health, but article 122 allows him to make use of implementing bodies and in-house companies, as well as purchasing centers. He decides not to do it ». This is Arcuri. Now, if it were just inertia, it would also be fine. In reality it is the activism of the honest that creates problems. For example Di Donna, friend and co-author of many scientific texts by Giuseppe Conte, gets into trouble because of an entrepreneur who did not want to submit to the “eight percent clause” he claims as mediation for big business. A dangerous mess. In response, Conte, as prime minister, claims to have lost track of his dear friend. Who, however, the reigning Count himself, becomes a consultant to the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission (today he is revoked), and boasts through the head of the Aise cabinet that he has influence on contracts, therefore on Arcuri then on Conte himself. Beyond the outcome of the investigations, the worst offense remains for the former prime minister (not investigated). The violation of the pact of transparency and, in fact, of honesty with the Italians.


Conte, during the lockdown, asked the people sweat, blood and sacrifices. People were dying, the fear of not making it enveloped the future and the palingenesis of post-Covid Italy had to ignite in respect of a renewed citizen / institution relationship. Every politician should have extended his stature to that of a constituent father. We were thinking of the Rooseveltian New Deal, and of the new Kennedy Frontier (“don’t ask what your country can do for you … etc etc”) and we found ourselves with the usual muddy, venal mentality and – at best – bungler of the Band of the honest. Regardless of how it goes, it is obvious that, with hindsight, General Figliuolo seems to you Eisenhower …

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