Green pass without vaccine? Employees end up in the warehouse amidst animal waste and excrement – The video

The case breaks out in a company in the North where unvaccinated employees have been relegated to a warehouse more like a landfill. A few days after the introduction of the Green pass obligation, the company would have decided to transfer all those workers who presented the green certificate with only the swab in a sort of deposit, documented by a video made by the employees themselves. In the premises, dismissed office materials and other waste can be seen: “with makeshift desks amidst various types of wreckage – the workers write in a press release – and above all in an unsanitary environment, sporrò and with animal excrement”. In a notice, the company allegedly established that access to the main office is allowed only to those in possession of the Green pass obtained with the anti Covid vaccine: “Workers who do not have this certification – says the sign – will be able to access the headquarters located in via YYY (obscured by the same employees, ed) by presenting the valid green pass from buffer ». The company then prohibited any contact between employees who work in the main office, under penalty of “a dispute” on a disciplinary level. On another note, unvaccinated people were also denied access to the company canteen. A drastic measure, but according to the owner of the company necessary, because in this way: “We have separated those who are completely safe from those with limited security”. The comment on the conditions of the branch office designed for unvaccinated workers was dry: “I didn’t check it in person,” the owner told the Ansa agency.

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Green pass vaccine Employees warehouse animal waste excrement video

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