The collector Ernesto Trivoli opens a gallery in Milan with an exhibition on Venetian landscape painting

Francesco Zanin, Launch of the hot-air balloon, Venice (134 × 75.5 cm)

The gallery opens in Milan Ernesto Trivoli. The exhibition inaugurated it Views of Venice. Paintings from 1700 to 1800; from 9 November to 3 December, free admission.

A new art gallery is about to be born in Milan. Ernesto Trivoli – lawyer and leading figure in the world of international collecting – prepares the inauguration of his space in via Cossa 1, in the heart of the city.

And it does this by opening its own chests, chests and vaults; it does so by displaying a collection of views of Venice between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Fifty years of collecting that become an exhibition. A distillation of two hundred years of masterpieces that celebrate the pictorial art of Venetian Vedutism and the ‘golden age’ of the Serenissima.

Many works and notable aspects of the exhibition. From the indelible testimony of Bernardo Bellotto to the very rare paintings by Jacopo Fabris, from the San Marco di Johan Richter to the views of William James (follower of Canaletto) and to the highly sought after Look. It’s still Josef Carl Berthold Puttner, including a majestic – even for its size – sunset that floods Punta della Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute with light. Remarkable for the bright colors and the wealth of details the painting by Carlo Grubacs depicting the passage of the Bucintoro in front of the Doge’s Palace, accompanied, awaited and celebrated by hundreds of people.

Then there is a unique subtlety that has never appeared publicly. One of the most unique representations of the history of Venice in the landscape painting art. This is the launch of the first balloon from San Marco (1784, one year after the success of the Montgolfier brothers). An oil on canvas by Francesco Zanin, in which the inscription is perfectly legible: ‘launching of an aerostatic globe built by SE Francesco Pesaro, procurator of San Marco of the Zanchi brothers‘. The work depicts the balloon ‘from the Grand Canal‘take off from a specially built pontoon in the San Marco basin. For the record, the experiment was successful: the balloon – with no people on board – after a flight of over two hours, settled on the sandbanks of the lagoon.

And together with this extraordinary feat other episodes of simple and poetic everyday life. Aristocratic and beggar palaces, ladies and scoundrels, workers and nobility, sailors and people looking out from the balconies, lenoni and little women; and then glimpses and towers, briccole and poles, ‘camin’ and drapes, gondolas and celebrations, trades and markets, everyday life and small squares, architecture and crowd: figurine by figurine, detail after detail, a roundup of characters, characters, perspectives and atmospheres all to appreciate.

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collector Ernesto Trivoli opens gallery Milan exhibition Venetian landscape painting

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