Green Pass, unauthorized procession in Milan

Unauthorized procession of the ‘No Green Pass’ last night in the center of Milan. According to what was explained by the Police Headquarters, there were no moments of tension between the police and demonstrators who, once they realized they could not get to the Prefecture in Corso Monforte, gradually moved away from the nearby street Nursery. The police have identified some people, but have not yet taken any action.
At 6.40 pm – the Police Headquarters announced – about 300 people, after meeting at 17 in Piazza Fontana with appeals on social networks, moved, without any prior notice to the authorities, towards Largo Augusto and Via Vivaio, occupying the roadway and sending in tilt circulation and transport to try to get closer to the headquarters of the Prefecture. The group was kept at a distance by the safety device immediately ordered by the Police Headquarters. At the same time, public order services are being strengthened for the protection of other sensitive objectives.

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Green Pass unauthorized procession Milan

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