Rome and Turin to the Center Left

Like a wave the center-left conquers 8 cities out of 10 in the ballot: tear Roma e Torino at M5s, conquer the center-right Savona, Cosenza e Isernia, maintains Caserta and the former Northern League fiefdom of Varese that the Carroccio tried to bring “home” to the end. The center right resists Trieste with the reconfirmation, for the fourth time, of Roberto Dipiazza but rejects the definition of “debacle“to analyze the vote.”A triumphal victory“, exults the Pd leader Enrico Letta who symbolically crowns the victory of Roberto Gualtieri in Rome in the historic Piazza dell’Ulivo and of Romano Prodi.

Unprecedented abstention

After an election with unprecedented abstention – 43.94% voted, less than 1 in 2 voters – and a subdued electoral campaign among the candidates but very tense among the national leaders after Forza Nuova’s assault on the CGIL, the geography of the great Italian cities is redesigned now almost all in the hands of the center-left. But the ballots mark the victory of the progressives even in some very symbolic municipalities for the center-right, such as Cosenza city ​​of the new president of the Region Roberto Occhiuto, Varese, city of Giorgetti and Maroni, e Latina, where the outgoing Coletta overturned the outcome of the first round and won over the historic former mayor Vincenzo Zaccheo.

Salvini: “We have more mayors than before”

My he center right rejects the reading of a losing center-right: “Let’s go from 8 to 10: at the moment the center-right has more mayors than 15 days ago”, is the first comment of Matteo Salvini which speaks of “mayors elected by a minority of the minority” after “a surreal electoral campaign spent chasing the fascists who are only in school books”.

Dipiazza, Gualtieri and Lo Russo (Photo Ansa)

Meloni: “Defeat but not debacle”

More realistic Giorgia Meloni who admits defeat, but “not the debacle” and blames the delay in the choice of candidates “but not the profile of the candidates” of the center-right. But above all, taking the reins of the center-right, the FDI leader hears Silvio Berlusconi, announces that she will call Salvini for a summit that will relaunch the coalition.

Read: “Surreal”

The mood of Enrico Letta is quite different. He dismisses as “surreal” the analysis of the vote of the leader of the League and sees success as a reward “for the effort to enlarge the center-left”. The Democratic Party five years later managed to recompose the alliance in the municipalities that goes from the left to the moderates but on the agreement with M5s it still has a lot to build. Of course, the victory with the 60.1’s Gualtieri a Roma and with 59.2 of Lo Russo a Torino, points out that the pentastellated voters, as well as the voters of Carlo Calenda in Rome, expressed themselves in the center-left. And in the capital following the example of the neoleader Giuseppe Conte who had declared his vote for his former minister dem.

Benevento: Mastella wins

Stay out of line Benevento that Clemente Mastella manages to win back after hitting the first round by a hair’s breadth. “I only won against everyone, like Mario against Silla”, the ex-Keeper of the Prodi government attacks in the heat, who takes it out on the “Noah’s Ark on the right and left”.

The administrative offices of the covid era

With the ballots the administration of the Covid era. But the effects on the national level will be seen in the coming weeks. If Letta declares that he wants to support the Draghi government until 2023, Salvini is silent on the issue today. The premier, who voted this morning in the capital, remains focused on the budget law and the reforms of the NRP, aiming to keep political tensions out of Palazzo Chigi. But no one among the majority forces feels they can exclude the risk that the centrifugal and centripedal forces of the vote – between a Democratic Party that feels strengthened and a center-right in search of identity – does not impact on the executive’s trajectory. And on the ever closer match of the Quirinale for the successor of Mattarella.

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