demonstrations and fire hydrants, it is not normal – Time

demonstrations and fire hydrants, it is not normal – Time
demonstrations and fire hydrants, it is not normal – Time

“We would have preferred to win in Rome”, but “the citizens are always right”. Matteo Salvini addresses the outcome of the vote of the administrative ballots that saw the center-left candidates prevail in the capital and in Turin. But there are not a few anomalies in this electoral round. “Making a party and partisan demonstration on pre-electoral Saturday and using water cannons and tear gas against the dockers on voting Monday does not seem healthy and does not seem normal to me – says the leader of the League at a press conference -. “Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese” because if this is the management of public order, we are not going through an easy period “, said Salvini.

“Gualtieri would have won all the same, but hold a demonstration on Saturday … – Salvini comments – I repeat to Draghi: ‘let’s have a meeting with Minister Lamorgese as there has been a bad management of public order”.

“If math is not an opinion, the center-right currently earns two mayors compared to before, going from 8 to 10 mayors out of the 65 municipalities in the ballot. In large cities the outgoing mayors are reconfirmed (in reality Rome and Turin go from M5S Pd, ed), in Lombardy we went from 8-2 for the center-left to 5-5. Now the center-right has more mayors than before, then it’s clear that we would have liked to win Rome but the citizens are always right “, is the analysis of the vote of the leader of the Northern League.

The result is weighed down by that of abstention. “One thing to think about is the non-vote, which has exceeded 70 percent in some neighborhoods: the speech is not fascists and communists, the last week spent chasing fascists is surreal”.

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demonstrations fire hydrants normal Time

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