Field of harvested pumpkins for Halloween | until October 31st

Halloween is upon us, and there’s no better time than picking pumpkins by hand, with your family.

This is what the organizers of the Campo dei Mirtilli di San Vito in Gaggiano, just outside Milan thought of. Until the end of October, in fact, for all weekends it will be possible to spend an afternoon among the pumpkins and many activities: harvesting in the open field of pumpkins of different varieties, decoration workshop, corn tub, straw castle and many other games in full campaign style for children.

There will also be a time for a snack with hot tea for everyone and the direct sale of products (compotes, juices and, for adults, blueberry beer).

Useful information

The cost of the ticket is 15 euros per child and includes the pumpkin harvest in the field and a carving and decoration workshop. Pumpkin hunting, book reading and agricultural playground with corn pool and straw castle will also be offered.

Adults and children up to one year of age do not pay.

To book you need to register on the dedicated website.


Field harvested pumpkins Halloween October #31st

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