In Milan the exhibition of Salvatore Garzillo, journalist (artist) who draws on the news of “black” Events in Milan

He once had a pigeon say that his “feathered colleagues”, who came from other skies, were stealing his bread. Another time he made a shark confess, in obvious identity crisis, that he felt like a whale. And yet another time, while investigators and magistrates were talking about an important police operation, he saw fit to leave room for the reflections of a baron, or what was, annoyed by the news, “a vulgarity”. Always with the same tools: a black pen and a slip of paper, be it a receipt, a subway ticket, a handkerchief or the notebook on which he takes notes with an incomprehensible handwriting.

The artist in his spare time – because in reality he works as a journalist in his life – is Salvatore Garzillo, 34, from Naples, an Ansa chronicler, who on Thursday 21 October inaugurates his first – “and last”, he jokes – personal exhibition. The appointment is at 7 pm at the Galleria Patricia Armocida in via Argelati, at number 24.

The title of Garzillo’s exhibition – which all colleagues have seen at least once disconnect from the world to draw, only to ask the same colleagues what they had lost – is “Once upon a time”. It is a selection of drawings from recent years, imprinted – literally – on everything. The subjects are the most disparate: from animals that talk to portraits of people met around by chance. Each work communicates different sensations and emotions: mockery, derision, pleasure but also thoughts, doubts, indecisions and existential questions.

Almost all the images are accompanied by a sentence traced in pen which – as if it were a Banksy work – invites us to reflect with a thread of sarcasm and provocation. That’s why a bird says “I like birds, well?” or why two skulls force each other on by explaining that they see each other pretty well. The design chosen to present the exhibition – created on the notes of a crime news story, his great specialty – is called “Looking straight to the future” and can only be a good omen after difficult months.

Together with the Garzillo exhibition – again from 21 October to 14 January – “Lost in Strokes” by Luca Barcellona, ​​43-year-old artist, musician, graphic designer and global reference point of calligraphy, opens for the first time a production of works, synthesis of his artistic research of the last thirty years. In the exhibition, the curators explain, Luca Barcellona overcomes legibility, detaching himself from the text and the meaning of the words, forcing the viewer to get lost among the features because they are left without references.

Graphemes undergo a progressive reduction to the single letter, in a process of sign abstraction that has the pure beauty of the gesture as its ultimate horizon. An asemic writing that contains the complexity of the forms of the lettering, deconstructed and decontextualized, free and large backgrounds and elements of writing. A compositional research based on the harmony of weights, between full and empty, distributed in space using only the eye. For the artist, filling large quantities of text, almost ending up in it, abstracting from the meaning of the words and from the gesture itself, becomes a mantra which, through repetition, is transformed into a profound meditative act. An immersive experience that is returned by the artist through the soundtrack produced by DJ Craim, specifically for the works on display.

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