WEATHER Italy as of November 2nd, various waves of BAD WEATHER


Over the course of the weekend we had given a lot of attention to the october and the return of the High Pressure. In the latest modeling issues, however, the almost immediate weather-climate change is amply confirmed, in fact bad weather should return during the weekend or in any case rainfall should reappear.

In reality, they will arrive earlier, starting from the regions of Northern Italy with subsequent probable extension to other areas of the country. The cause is attributable to a North Atlantic sinking that will undermine the anticyclonic structure, opening the doors to a decidedly more dynamic period that could lead to the passage of various perturbations.

The interesting thing is that observing the continental baric disposition shows a clear tendency towards meridianization, that is, we will most likely have various depression lungs from north to south, with the Mediterranean being the main target of the various assaults.


But first we will certainly have a few days of good weather and the temperatures, under the pressing Anticyclone, will rise by several degrees. An increase that should reach the top in the middle phase of the week, between Wednesday and Thursday so to speak. The increase will be considerable, so much so that we will pass from the cold of recent days to the mild climate of the next.

The thermal anomalies will be important, we expect temperatures of 4-5 ° C higher than what should be the seasonal averages. An increase as said important, but not destined to last. First of all, on Wednesday we will have the first rains on Liguria and western Alpine sectors, followed by – Thursday – the first disturbed lunge could appear in Northern Italy causing a worsening.

Disturbance, as mentioned, coming from the north, which over the weekend should slide towards the south, engaging most of our regions. Then yes, we will not have widespread but irregular rainfall, in any case in different sectors of the boot. All with a new important thermal drop.


As mentioned at the beginning we will have to pay attention to the period between the end of October and the beginning of November because we can see several depression lungs destined to bring locally important precipitations. With temperatures, among other things, fully autumnal again.

The possible development of secondary cyclonic eddies in our regions to be evaluated, but this we will do in the course of construction. This eventuality will have to be taken into due consideration because we are heading towards the most propitious period for the genesis of dangerous Mediterranean cyclonic structures, structures that are difficult to predict that could appear at any moment due to the thermal contrasts that could be generated.


Autumn that seems destined to continue in the name of atmospheric dynamism, a dynamism that is clearly part of the seasonal characteristics in all respects.

We remind you that weather forecasts with a validity of up to 5 days have greater reliability, while this decreases as we move away over time.

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