neo-fascists in Rome, anarchists in Milan-

neo-fascists in Rome, anarchists in Milan-
neo-fascists in Rome, anarchists in Milan-
from Rinaldo Frignani and Cesare Giuzzi

Concern is growing about the no green pass events. In the capital, security measures for the G20 have been strengthened

Always the opposites, now united by the same protest. Whether it is the one against the green pass, or the one against the dictatorship of the state. Far right and far left united again by initiatives to counter the system, as in the years of lead. From opposing barricades, with a shared enemy. No longer for an ideal, or pseudo such, but to create disorder, especially since the first G20 in the presence of the Covid era, that of the restart, is scheduled for the end of the month in Rome.

An opportunity that is too important to miss, so much so that it has already been decided to reinforce the Army garrison (with 500 more soldiers) and aerial coverage with the latest generation drones. Meanwhile, yesterday the Bolognese leader of the movement against the green pass, Gian Marco Capitani, apologized with an open letter for the shameful offenses to Senator Liliana Segre.

Up to now in the capital, the protest against the government’s decisions regarding the fight against Covid has been mostly driven by the far right, in primis gives Forza Nuova, present at almost all the sit-ins between Piazza del Popolo, Bocca della Verità and Esquilino. Dozens of rallies, on average with a few hundred people, often ended with scuffles with the police. Regular appointments, almost always on Saturdays, however, a consequence of similar initiatives in 2017, 2018 and 2019: so not to attack the State on the fight against Covid, but on social unrest, immigration, school.

The Roman leader Giuliano Castellino, now in prison with Roberto Fiore, founder of the movement, and one of the loyalists, Luigi Aronica, formerly of Nar, also at the megaphone, also arrested last week for street clashes and the assault on the CGIL. Among the watchwords attack reporters and photographers, present every time at Forza Nuova initiatives. Just Castellino, under special surveillance, since 1996 involved in investigations by the judiciary, was sentenced in 2020 to five and a half years for the attack on two journalists of L’Espresso.

Evacuated by order of the Prefecture the occupied properties in via Taranto and via Amulio, between San Giovanni and Tuscolano, under eviction – in this case by the National Alliance Foundation – in the one in via Paisiello, in Parioli, the activists of Fn at this time without a summit are trying to reorganize.

After the roundup on 9 October, they reappeared last Saturday in the “free zone” of the Circus Maximus, the one opened by the no green passes in the last sit-in. But this time, always in Rome, on the same day, anarchists and antagonists have reappeared, precisely because of a protest organized without authorization in Piazza del Popolo, where they were also on October 9th although far from the Castellino stage. About forty in all, mostly from Spoleto, all reported.

Saturday was the 13th unauthorized procession of the Milanese no passes. The numbers never below 5 thousand participants, with the maximum peak of 10-15 thousand the day before yesterday. Presences that, in the city of workers’ parades of the seventies, are instead an anomaly. Even because so far movements such as pitchforks, yellow vests or the protests following the first lockdown had seen at most a few hundred participants. The Milanese Saturday has been a constant since July 24: crazy procession, without a precise destination, very attended, with some young people but above all middle-aged people, couples and families.

All very angry: «We are not politicized. Here there is room for everyone, we are the people », the organizers shouted over the megaphone on Saturday. Behind them an explicit banner: “Solidarity not with the CGIL but with the dockers.” On a couple of occasions in the past few weeks, characters from the far-right galaxy have been seen at the head. Like that Marco Mantovani, former candidate for the 2011 municipal of Forza Nuova, a movement that in the city was first a police station and then dissolved by the Roman leaders. But at the first complaints for an unauthorized demonstration, the neo-fascists left the field.

Today, and for at least three parades, they are instead exponents of the anarchist area to address the protest. The absence of a No pass leader leaves the field free to blitz by activists who, in small groups, manage to guide the path, aim at sensitive targets and police and carabinieri cordons. About forty anarchists ended up in the crosshairs of the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi after the procession on Saturday and the scuffles in via della Moscova and in via Borgogna, between the prefecture and the Chamber of Labor, the true goal of the anarchists.

Digos managed to never lose sight of the largest group (about eighty) where it was present, without however taking part in violent episodes, even the most frequently investigated Mattia Zanotti, considered close to the No tav movement and anarcho- insurrectionism. So the militants moved in small groups, mingling with the other demonstrators, sometimes breaking the front into several sections to push it towards sensitive objectives.

“They’re using you, get them out of the procession”, the words of a police officer to the organizers No pass just before the charge of via Borgogna. The impression is that the inexperience and lack of knowledge of the street phenomena of the other participants – often never seen before in public order demonstrations – make it easy for professionals of violence.

For now there have been no episodes of devastation, but the investigators fear is that the drift is near. Two arrests on Saturday, eight reported to the head of the anti-terrorism pool of the prosecutor Alberto Nobili and about a hundred identified. If that is true the Milanese antagonist world, that of social centers and student collectives, has pro green pass positions and on the management of the pandemiclooking more at its economic consequences, the front of “social anarchy” is increasingly aligned.

At the beginning, participation was limited to the 15 Milanese who belong to the Corvetto and the former Galipettes occupied club who, however, observed from the rear without ever really taking their heads. On Saturday there were about eighty in the square, mainly from the Varese, Brianza and Como area: Telos of Saronno, Foa Boccaccio of Monza, Baraonda of Segrate and the newborn group of Busto Arsizio under the acronym «Popular Assembly». On social media they push anti-vaccine propaganda. In the square parade together with the tricolor of the no pass.

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