Tamponi, flop in the ASL: pharmacies stormed

Tamponi, flop in the ASL: pharmacies stormed
Tamponi, flop in the ASL: pharmacies stormed

TURIN. Swabs rapid, muted debut: in all of Piedmont they did not exceed 180.

Pwe arliamo of the rapid tests that the Region allows to do, at the hotspots of the Asl, for a fee, to support the pharmacy system. So every weekend, this is the first. It is difficult to say how much the information deficit has weighed on the part of citizens and how much the preventive payment method, which is not very simple: the cost, 15 euros, must be paid through the regional portal www.salutepiemonte.it. Both, probably.

The fact is that even yesterday the largest number of requests was downloaded to the system of 1,600 Piedmontese pharmacies. The data included in the Covid bulletin that the Region issues every day, in which all the swabs performed: molecular and antigenic, at the ASL, private centers, general practitioners and, precisely, the pharmacies. Yesterday, the Regional Crisis Unit communicated 214 new cases of people who tested positive for the virus, equal to 0.4% of 52,866 swabs performed, of which 47,591 antigenic: of the 214 new cases, 142 asymptomatic are (66.4%) .

Numbers never seen in our Region, where hospitalized patients register minimal variations, -3 in intensive care, +5 in ordinary wards. Yesterday 18,781 people were vaccinated: 7,867 received the second dose, 5,332 the third dose. Among the vaccinated, in particular, 1,341 12-15 year olds, 2,900 16-29 year olds, 2,508 30 year olds, 2,626 40 year olds, 2,201 50 year olds, 675 60 year olds, 191 70 year olds, 588 extremely vulnerable and 4,342 over 80s . Since the start of the campaign 6,273,493 doses have been injected, of which 2,870,126 as second and 109,506 as third, corresponding to 87.5% of 7,172,750 currently available in Piedmont.

Direct access to vaccination hubs is on the rise: + 44% compared to last Saturday. The balance of yet another Open Day at the Valentino hub was good: 550 vaccinated (160 direct accesses).

Together with swabs, and direct accesses, the Green Pass effect multiplies the controversy even among doctors and nurses: not because they are against the vaccine, on the contrary, but because they legitimately believe that they have more important things to do than check the certificates of colleagues.

Chiara Rivetti, Anaao Assomed Piemonte secretary, is peremptory: «Controls are proposed, albeit partially, in the departments with the responsibility of the control delegated to the facility managers (the primary managers) who in turn can delegate to their collaborators. In times of staff shortages, hourly overload, mass resignations, waiting lists, assigning us the role of daily and repeated controllers of Green Pass appears bordering on the grotesque.Moreover, the staff controlled by law should be all vaccinated. A doctor, in the morning, should enter the operating room or visit and certainly not take time away from patients to check the certificates ».

The nurses are of the same opinion. “It was not enough to check relatives and visitors, now we should also check among ourselves, taking away more time from the proper functions for which we are called to operate, also assuming tasks and responsibilities that are not ours – comments Francesco Coppolella, NurSind Piemonte -. It is not permissible that every time the government introduces a new norm, it must be without resources “.


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