Ballotings: 9.7% of voters voted at 12 noon. The main challenges in Rome, Turin and Trieste

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Ballotings at the start for the election of mayors in all those Municipalities that did not express a winner in the first round: at 12 noon 9.7% of the voters voted according to the turnout data released by the Ministry of the Interior (63 Municipalities out of 63,) compared to 12.47% recorded two weeks ago. And here is the trend in the 15 Regions, in addition to Friuli Venezia Giulia, affected by the consultation: Abruzzo at 10.34% (13.84% in the first round), Basilicata at 8.87% (10.72%), Calabria at ” 8.79% (13.32%), Campania at 9.93% (14.74%), Emilia-Romagna at 11.98% (13.85%), Lazio at 9.61% (12.2% ), Liguria at 13.14% (16.21%), Lombardy at 11.26% (12.31%), Marche at 9.87% (12.85%), Molise at 11.41% ( 13.74%), Piedmont at 8.74% (9.9%), Puglia at 10.62% (12.68%), Tuscany at 10.8% (12.62%), Umbria at 8 , 72% (11.81%) and Veneto at 12.55% (14.56%).

Municipalities affected by the ballot

The protagonists of this round are 5 million voters called to express their vote. The most anticipated challenges concern three large cities (Rome, Turin and Trieste) where the center-left tries to consolidate the success already made in the first round. Among the 65 municipalities in the ballot there are also six provincial capitals: Latina, Savona, Varese, Benevento, Caserta and Isernia. On 24 October, however, voting will take place in Trentino Alto Adige (Merano and Brentonico). In Sardinia (Capoterra) and Sicily (Canicattì, Rosolini, Porto Empedocle, San Cataldo, Favara, Adrano, Vittoria, Lentini) in addition to Sunday 24, there will also be a vote on Monday 25. Today’s electoral consultation will continue until Monday 18 October: it will be possible vote until 11 pm on Sunday 17 October and from 7 am to 3 pm on Monday.

How to vote

The voters will find a blue card with the names and surnames of the two candidates for the office of mayor involved in the ballot inserted within a special rectangle, under which the marks of the list or lists with which the candidate is connected are shown. The voter, with a copying pencil, can cast his vote by drawing a sign on the rectangle bearing his name. Separate voting is not allowed. The candidate who obtains the highest number of votes in the ballot round will be elected. For those who need to renew their electoral card, it is good to remember that the electoral offices are open from 9 to 18 in the two days prior to the date of the consultation and, on the days of the vote, for all consultation operations.

The political significance of the consultation

On Monday, with the polls closed, the parties will draw their budgets. And it is clear that this consultation will help to understand what future awaits the Giallorossi axis between Pd and M5S, supported by Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte, and what will be the fate of the center-right coalition where the leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni it will try to exploit the possible positive outcome of the vote to consolidate its leadership within the alliance. However, the specter of abstention hovers over the vote and the final results, which could upset various political balances.

The main challenges

The main challenges concern Rome, Turin and Trieste. In the capital, where 9.39% of voters voted at 12 (it was 11.89% in the first round) the race for the chair of mayor is between Enrico Michetti, a candidate of the center-right in the Brothers of Italy share and in advantage in the first round, and Roberto Gualtieri, Dem exponent supported by the center-left. In Turin, the final rush with the turnout at 12 equal to 8.74% (9.9% in the first round) involves Stefano Lo Russo, candidate of the center-left and Paolo Damilano, supported by the center-right. While, in Trieste, the outgoing mayor Roberto Dipiazza, a candidate of the center-right, and Francesco Russo, supported by the center-left, compete against each other.

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