vote in Rome, Turin and Trieste

vote in Rome, Turin and Trieste
vote in Rome, Turin and Trieste

Municipal ballot 2021, from Rome to Turin we return to the vote. Today Sunday 17 October, from 7 to 23, and Monday 18 October, from 7 to 15, the citizens of those municipalities that have not chosen the mayor in the first round, such as Rome, Turin and Trieste, will be called to the polls. The voters of 7 provincial capitals were also at the polls: Benevento, Caserta, Cosenza, Isernia, Latina, Savona and Varese. To vote it will be necessary to put a cross on the chosen mayoral candidate.


To vote you must have an electoral card and identity document. Passport, driving license, pension booklet and firearms license are also valid. It will not be necessary to have the Green Pass even if it is required compliance with anti-Covid regulations.


In the capital, Enrico Michetti, candidate of the center-right, and Roberto Gualtieri for the center-left will compete for the seat of mayor. The first will go to vote on Sunday at 10 at the polling station in via Giovanni De Calvi, in Monteverde. Gualtieri will go to the 1427 seat of the Federico Caffè institute at 11.


All 919 polling stations are ready for the ballot for the election of the new mayor of Turin. To contend for the position of mayor of the city Stefano Lo Russo of the center-left and Paolo Damilano of the center-right. “Today I can say, with a hint of pride, that I am leaving a better city than the one I found. A Turin that is more similar to what we imagined: greener, more accessible, more sustainable, more attractive, more ready for the future” the mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, wrote yesterday in a long post on Facebook, accompanied by a photo of her with her husband and daughter and the words ‘Thank you’, with which she takes leave of the city she drove for five years.


The challenge is still open also in Trieste, where Roberto Dipiazza will face off for the center-right, leading in the first round, and Francesco Russo for the center-left. “In Trieste, the former regional secretary of Forza Nuova would join the Council if Di Piazza prevailed in the ballot”, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, tweeted in recent days. “He would remain out if Francesco Russo wins instead. To the many Trieste reasons for RussoSindaco we add this too”.

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