“Tg3 violates electoral silence”: FdI’s denunciation

“Tg3 violates electoral silence”: FdI’s denunciation
“Tg3 violates electoral silence”: FdI’s denunciation

One would really say: “In the face of election silence“. Today, when complete silence should have been maintained while waiting for the ballot, not everyone respected the rules. And on both occasions the transgression benefited the center-left candidate for mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.

After the appearance of the pro ex Minister of Economy signs at the demonstration organized by the CGIL, in fact, the Rai3 “slip” has also arrived, which in its news broadcast not only the images of the union mobilization but also some statements by the representatives of the center left. On a war footing, the Brothers of Italy deputy Federico Mollicone announced that he wanted to present a complaint to Agcom. In short, the tension between the opposing parties is skyrocketing.

The pro-Gualtieri cartels at the CGIL event

Respect for electoral silence has already been violated this afternoon, when at the anti-fascist demonstration of the CGIL signs in favor of Roberto Gualtieri, among other things present at the initiative. A real example of electoral propaganda, which nevertheless passed shamefully on the sly. Did any of the promoters of the event do or say anything about it? Not yet at the moment. Who knows what would have happened if those signs had written the name of the center-right candidate Enrico Michetti.

The report of Tg3

As if this were not enough, to make matters worse comes the service of the Tg3, where the statements of some representatives of the center left were transmitted. And the election silence? The deputy of the Brothers of Italy Federico Mollicone is already ready to take action. “It is very serious that on the day of electoral silence, Tg3 at 7 pm broadcast a report on the San Giovanni demonstration with images and statements by the leaders of the center-left“, denounces the parliamentarian of FdI. “This is a blatant violation of the law and for this reason Fratelli d’Italia will present a complaint to Agcom and a question time in the Rai Supervisory Committee. Colleague Anzaldi stop acting as the ‘watchdog’ of the barking majority to the moon and rather worry about this shameful violation“.


Tg3 violates electoral silence FdIs denunciation

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