Covid Veneto, second region in Italy for infections: peak in Padua – Chronicle

Covid Veneto, second region in Italy for infections: peak in Padua – Chronicle
Covid Veneto, second region in Italy for infections: peak in Padua – Chronicle

Veneto, 16 October 2021 – Today the new positives recorded in Veneto are 398: yesterday there were 342, with an increase of +52 infected in 24 hours. The current positives in the Region are 9,052 (-16 compared to yesterday), which brings the infected since the beginning of the epidemic to 474,436. There are no victims: the total number of deaths is therefore still at 11,800. The report of the Region reports it.
I 166 are hospitalized (-49 compared to the previous day) of which 136 in the medical areas (-46), 30 in intensive care (-3).

Covid Veneto, 342 new cases, deaths stop. Zaia: “Swabs in the company and in the ports” – Covid today Emilia Romagna: Coronavirus bulletin 16 October 2021. Data and infections

Infections in the provinces of Veneto

Of the 398 new cases registered in Veneto in the last 24 hours 126 refer to the province of Padua, which therefore appears to have about double the number of infected people compared to Venice, where there were 74 cases, Vicenza where there were 69, Verona at 58, Trevisto at 43. Rovigo with 16 new cases and Belluno with 5 always keep low numbers, while there are 7 cases in the process of being assigned.

Veneto secono in Italy for infections

The region with the most cases today is Lombardy (+432), followed by Veneto (+398), Campania (+340), Sicily (+266), Emilia Romagna (+240) and Lazio (+222).

71.7% immunized population

In the last 24 they were administered 18,103 vaccines of which 4,971 first doses, 4,150 third doses to frail subjects and 8,980 to persons who have thus completed the cycle.
The fully immunized population is 71.7%, rising to 75.4% if we also consider the first doses, to 79.5% if we consider the Venetians vaccinated even outside the region.
Covid, Burioni: very contagious, aim for 100% vaccinated
The downward trend of administrations in Veneto, although the campaign for the third dose is now included in the count.
In the week between 4 and 10 October there was the lowest number of vaccinations since last spring, which has recorded a progressive decline from mid-September to today: 78,512 inoculations; they had been 97,839 the previous week from 27 September to 3 October.

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