“Italia Viva is relaunched and” cheers “for the Occhiuto government”

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the meeting

The senator aims to restart the party in the province of Cosenza. The regional councilor Pierluigi Caputo was present for a greeting

Published on: 10/16/2021 – 17:22

COSENZA «Italia Viva in the province of Cosenza has to start over from the territories. The large participation of members, supporters and administrators in today’s assembly shows that there is interest and consideration for our project. This interest represents a patrimony not to be lost, we need to build a path that puts forward a reformist, moderate and democratic proposal. We are far from populists and demagogues and, above all, from those who have brought an unbearable climate of hatred into Italian politics that has nothing to do with democracy. As Matteo Renzi pointed out to Diamante, politics is civilization, not hatred. In this regard, I cannot help but make my own another thought expressed by our leader a few days ago about the future of Calabria. We must all do our good luck to President Roberto Occhiuto because the success of the next regional government would mean the relaunch of our region. This is why it is necessary to establish a climate of collaboration aimed only at the good of citizens. In this sense, I cannot fail to thank the new Regional Councilor, Pierluigi Caputo, who wished to convey his greetings ». Thus the Senator of Italia Viva, Ernesto Magorno, speaking during the meeting with the members of Italia Viva of the Province of Cosenza.


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Italia Viva relaunched cheers Occhiuto government

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