massacred in court – Libero Quotidiano

massacred in court – Libero Quotidiano
massacred in court – Libero Quotidiano

How to ruin your life … with a Scratch and win. Yeah, because a lady tried to collect 500 thousand euros with a fake coupon, all while on vacation in Roma, four years ago, to get a complaint and end up on trial on charges of attempted fraud against the state.

And yesterday, Friday 15 October, for Giuseppa Santoro, 60, a housewife of Calabrian origins but residing in the province of Verona, arrived at Piazzale Clodio the sentence: four months’ imprisonment with suspended sentence (the woman was cleansed) in addition to the payment of a fine of 120 euros and the granting of generic extenuating circumstances. In short, an attempted scam that has turned into a bad deal.

And again, the lady was sentenced to compensate National Lotteries in civil proceedings, which became a civil party in the trial for enforce the protection of lawful gaming. The pm Andrea Iolis he had asked for a sentence of one year and six months. Santoro’s lawyer, Valentina Romoli, commented: “We will certainly appeal. The lady is a decent person and had acted absolutely in good faith.” Sara…

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massacred court Libero Quotidiano

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