235 frozen dormice seized, favorite dish of the bosses of the ‘Ndrangheta- Corriere.it

235 frozen dormice seized, favorite dish of the bosses of the ‘Ndrangheta- Corriere.it
235 frozen dormice seized, favorite dish of the bosses of the ‘Ndrangheta- Corriere.it
from Carlo Macr

Three people arrested in Delianuova, on the Aspromonte. The roasted meat of these rodents (protected species) is never lacking in tables and clan meetings

Always considered the main dish of tables among ‘Ndranghetisti. The dormouse, protected species, it is part of the archaic ritual and there is no lunch or peacemaker meeting, where one does not dine on these rodents. On Saturday the carabinieri of Delianuova (Reggio Calabria) have seized them 235, packed in plastic bags and stored in the freezer. Many others were found alive in cages to be fattened and then killed. Three people were arrested on charges of capturing and killing animals of protected species. They arrived in the context of another investigation that led to the discovery of 730 marijuana plants, discovered in a municipal area, on the outskirts of Delianuova, a town in Aspromonte.

The dormouse is a rodent that it is hunted at night, when no hunting activity is allowed. There are many who violate the law and take even very heavy risks, in order to get hold of this rodent. In past years the Lipu of Reggio Calabria had sent dozens of complaints to the judicial authority to report the hundreds of poachers who, especially in Locride, travel the length and breadth of the Aspromonte and Ferdinandea, in the Serre Catanzaresi to place traps on trees and catch dormice. A meal that is then illegally sold in many restaurants. In many investigations such as the Solar operation of the anti-mafia directorate of Reggio Calabria, which led to the arrest of 200 drug traffickers in Italy and abroad in 2008, the intercepted ‘Ndranghetists discussed not only illicit business, but also how spend a day in the mountains with foreign friends in company. And the interlocutors advised the organizers of the banquet so that their friends would be offered roasted dormice for lunch.

Delicious and sought-after dish among the members of the clans: the ‘Ndranghetists nourish a real veneration for the dormouse. It is now contemplated that the bosses of the ‘Ndrangheta make the most important decisions in front of a plate of roasted dormouse. Legend reports that when they meet to decide on a death sentence, the head of the table (the highest boss in office), bites the dormouse by the head and then indicates the name of the one who is to be suppressed.

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