FAI Autumn Days in Piedmont and Vercelli: open places

FAI Autumn Days in Piedmont and Vercelli: open places
FAI Autumn Days in Piedmont and Vercelli: open places

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October the FAI days autumn, the tenth appointment with the autumn weekends dedicated to the discovery of places usually inaccessible to visitors.

On the occasion of the 10th edition of the initiative, it will be possible to visit 600 places generally closed to the public in 300 cities of the boot; in addition, for the tenth anniversary, it will be possible to access 42 places of the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Staff and the Armed Forces, opened on the occasion of the centenary of the Unknown Soldier.

As stated in the release of the FAI-Italian Environment Fund, the aim is to “spread and cultivate the awareness that Italy holds priceless treasures, the foundation of pride that every citizen feels in front of the exceptional beauty of the country and a solid foundation on which to build prosperity of the future”.

There are also many openings in Piedmont and Vercelli on the occasion of the FAI autumn days 2021.

The openings in Piedmont: some tips

During the next weekend, 16 and 17 October, it will therefore be possible to discover places never before open to the public even in Piedmont. Among the destinations to discover we point out the Palazzo Arsenale headquarters of the Army Training Command and Application School in Turin. Among the 42 places opened on the occasion of the centenary of the transfer of the Unknown Soldier, the Palazzo Arsenale represents one of the most impressive buildings in Turin, the only testimony of the infrastructural complex of the “Regio Arsenale” of which it was the heart and whose eighteenth-century erection, inspired by floor plans juvarriane, lasted a long time. Reservation is required to access.

In Caravino, not far from Turin, the Masino Castle with its majestic park. In this case it is not necessary to book. In Caselle Torinese, on the other hand, the Leonardo aeronautical industry museum which hosts some of the most significant productions of the company; from aircraft built in wood and with wing surfaces covered in canvas to those produced in carbon fiber and titanium up to the most sophisticated navigation and mission management systems or innovative remotely piloted aircraft. Also in this case the reservation is mandatory.

In Borgosesia, in the province of Vercelli, the Sanctuary of Sant’Anna opens with its Via Crucis that make up the Sacro Monte of Montrigone. Exceptionally, on the occasion of the FAI autumn days 2021, all the gratings present in front of the statuary groups will be removed so as to give the public the opportunity to observe the works in every detail. Booking is recommended but not mandatory.

Casa Zegna opens in Trivero, in the province of Biella; here, in addition to the new museum archival concept, it develops on the ground floor and on the first floor with the exhibition “from sheep to shop” it will also be possible to visit ‘Fading Loss | Cronache dal bosco or the artistic installation by Laura Pugno who investigates, the relationship between man and the landscape in the evocative period of autumn foliage. Also in this case the reservation is not compulsory.

FAI autumn days a Vercelli
Extraordinary openings also in Vercelli on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the autumn initiative of the FAI. In particular, the young people of the FAI from the Vercelli delegation propose visits to three places that are usually not very accessible or in any case little known: for Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October:

The Horse Arts room of the Scalise Barracks open for the first time to the public;
The room of the Agnesiana Library (on the first floor of the Archiepiscopal Seminary) where some drawings by the Vercelli painter will be exhibited Ferdinando Rossaro linked, for the thematic, to the world and to the memory of the Great War;
Don Secondo Pollo’s house (on the ground floor of the Archiepiscopal Seminary) open by courtesy of the Friends of Don Secondo Pollo who will also take care of the guided tours.

The FAI delegation of Vercelli thanks the historical society for the in-depth analysis of the chosen theme (through the volume “The Vercellese and the Great War”), Monsignor Giuseppe Cavallone, the staff of the 83rd Commander of Scalise, Colonel Marco Javarone, and the Friends of Don Secondo Pollo and the Alpine Group of Vercelli chaired by Piero Medri.

To access the open places in Vercelli is reservation required. It is possible to consult all the places open in Piedmont from the website of the initiative (by clicking here); by clicking on the FAI property you are interested in, you can also book a visit. Finally, we remind you that the visits will take place in full compliance with anti Covid-19 regulations: access will only be possible for people in possession of a Green Pass, even for places of a naturalistic nature. For children under 12, the Green Pass is not mandatory.

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