Luca Palamara, indictment for revelation of office secrecy in Perugia. Acquitted of two other charges

Luca Palamara, indictment for revelation of office secrecy in Perugia. Acquitted of two other charges
Luca Palamara, indictment for revelation of office secrecy in Perugia. Acquitted of two other charges

Two charges dropped, but another indictment for Luca Palamara. The former president of the ANM will be tried in Perugia for an episode of alleged disclosure of official secrecy, in relation to which he was in any case acquitted for part of the charge. The judge for the preliminary hearing decided the trial as part of the investigation involving the former Roman magistrate Stefano Rocco Fava. The former prosecutor and former councilor of the CSM – already on trial for corruption – announced the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for his entire affair.

Palamara and Fava will be tried (first hearing on January 19) for having disclosed to the journalists of two newspapers “official news that should have remained secret”. According to the accusatory reconstruction, in fact, Fava, “with the help and instigation” of Palamara, brought to the attention of the reporters that he had prepared a precautionary measure, in a proceeding assigned to him, “against Amara” (Piero, former external lawyer of Eni investigated by several prosecutors and already convicted of corruption in judicial acts) for self-laundering and that “the public prosecutor” did not affix the visa “.

The two were instead acquitted of the charge of having revealed that during the searches of the same procedure “Fava had recovered documentation” which involved the company Napag, Eni and Amarto. Palamara was also acquitted of the accusation of having instigated the former Attorney General of the Cassation Riccardo Fuzio (already acquitted with the abbreviated procedure) to reveal to him “the arrival at the Presidential Committee of the Higher Council of the Judiciary” of a complaint presented by Fava concerning “allegedly incorrect” behavior of the former prosecutor of Rome Giuseppe Pignatone.

In the same section of the investigation, however, Fava will be tried for having illegally introduced himself into an application of the Ministry of Justice for the digitization of documents by acquiring the minutes of the hearing and the sentence of the proceeding 62278/2012 “for reasons unrelated” to those for which it had the right. His goal – again on the basis of the accusation – was to start a media campaign against Pignatone, who had recently left the Rome prosecutor’s office, and the adjunct Paolo Ielo, even with the “help” of Palamara (to whom this crime is not contested in any case). The judge then ordered the indictment of Fava for having acquired documents to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Pignatone and collected information aimed at discrediting Ielo.

Palamara, on the other hand, stressed that “the main charges have fallen” against him. “On the residual charge – he added – the trial will serve to shed light on my total extraneousness to the facts”. “A substantial part of the charge has already fallen in the preliminary hearing, both due to the modification of the charge itself made by the public prosecutor, who recognized the non-correspondence to the truth of two of the four reports that would have been disclosed, and for the sentence of no place to proceed issued by the GUP in relation to a third piece of news “the comment of the defenders of Fava, the lawyers Luigi Castaldi e Luigi Panella. “So – they added – the overall charge against Dr. Fava is reduced”.

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