Liliana Segre insulted by the No Green pass in the square. Casellati: «Unacceptable». Fig: “Horrible stain”

Liliana Segre insulted by the No Green pass in the square. Casellati: «Unacceptable». Fig: “Horrible stain”
Liliana Segre insulted by the No Green pass in the square. Casellati: «Unacceptable». Fig: “Horrible stain”

The anger of the No Green pass yesterday, in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, she also attacked the senator for life Liliana Segre. “A woman who holds a seat she shouldn’t have because it brings shame to her story and who is Liliana Segre, who should disappear from where she is,” said a protester over the megaphone, incited by the cheers and choruses of the other No vax. Immediate indignation from the world of politics – and beyond – which stigmatized the hateful words against the senator who survived Auschwitz.

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Liliana Segre insulted, the reactions of politics

Elisabetta Casellati, president of the Senate, wrote on Twitter: “Unacceptable and shameful the insults to Senator Liliana Segre, an extraordinary woman who with courage, throughout her life, has testified to the need to oppose discrimination and violence, to protect the rights of all”. Roberto I am, Speaker of the House, said: «The hateful words about Liliana Segre are a horrible stain that marks this day. My closeness and that of Montecitorio to her ».

The deputy dem Emanuele Fiano, of the presidency of the Pd Group in the Chamber, wrote on Facebook: «Those who insult Liliana Segre from the stage of Bologna’s No Green Pass are not normal people. They are the expression of a social pathology, of ignorance, incivility, of animal anger. I hope that the judiciary will intervene, these threatening expressions are an insult to all of us. From the improvised stage in Piazza Maggiore, Gian Marco Capitani of the No Green Pass movement, Primum non nocere attacks Senator Liliana Segre: “A shameful woman who should disappear”. Anyone who has political and institutional responsibilities in this country, at every level, should condemn these words and isolate them from the civil forum without ever offering the slightest support. Dissent is the salt of democracy, verbal violence is the beginning of its end “.

On the same line the deuptata M5S, Lucia Azzolina: «The attack on Liliana Segre, by Gian Marco Capitani, is not only inappropriate, but shameful. An offense to our republican history and to our moral and democratic values ​​». Antonio Tajani, national coordinator of Forza Italia, on Twitter: “We firmly condemn the insults to Senator Liliana Segre during the No Green Pass demonstration, they are shameful!”

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