San Marino, green light from Italy for the green pass until December 31st

San Marino, green light from Italy for the green pass until December 31st
San Marino, green light from Italy for the green pass until December 31st

Green pass: the exemption for San Marino vaccinated Sputnik has been confirmed by the Italian Council of Ministers until 31 December. The Titan can stop holding its breath. The die is cast.

The derogation will be extended to all workplaces both in the public and private sectors for anyone working in the Belpaese, according to the provisions introduced by the Dpcm on “checks in the workplace” of 12 October 2021. With a clarification. In any case, it will be necessary to show, in addition to the text of the Decree, the card or the certificate of vaccination issued by the health authorities of the Titan. The Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic therefore approved in yesterday’s session the Decree Law which will regulate and introduce, in article number 14 paragraph 6, the new measures for the safe exercise of activities related to the possession and presentation of the certification. green for citizens of the Republic of San Marino on Italian territory.

The measure introduced provides continuity to the derogation provided for by the previous Decree Law of 6 August last, that is 111, by integrating and expanding its field of action including means of transport, schools and universities, health facilities, services related to culture, sport or recreational activities carried out on the Italian territory.

The Secretary of Health, Roberto Ciavatta, expresses satisfaction with the agreement reached. Which underlines “the wide availability of Italian health authorities and institutions to stand together in the fight against the pandemic”. And he adds: “From Monday we will work to improve the procedures for verifying the vaccination of the citizens of the Titan to avoid misunderstandings regarding the display of the vaccination card”. In line, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Luca Beccari: “Today’s is a further confirmation – he points out – that active relations and collaborations with the Italian State, our main partner also in the fight against the pandemic, are particularly solid”. And he would also like to underline that “technical agreements are underway to offer facilitation to mobility between the two territories with adequate information tools and that – he concludes – we have also obtained reassurance for the further steps required by the agreed deadlines”.


San Marino green light Italy green pass December #31st

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