“I left my studies in Piazza Pulita: firing squad against Meloni”

“I left my studies in Piazza Pulita: firing squad against Meloni”
“I left my studies in Piazza Pulita: firing squad against Meloni”

“I believe that democracy is based on confrontation and not on firing squads. Here I saw a firing squad against Giorgia Meloni and the center-right. I left politics because I felt above this vulgar way of doing it. I feel unfit to make fig leaf. This is why I do the only thing a person can do when he feels unsuitable: I say goodbye, I apologize and I leave ». With this j’accuse Guido Crosetto, founder of Fdi Thursday abandoned his studies in Piazza Pulit at La7.

How did your decision come about?

«For half an hour I listened to the monologue by Corrado Formigli and the director Cancellato on the answer given by Giorgia Meloni to the Fanpage investigation. At that point, the floor was given to Lilli Gruber who wore the clothes of arbiter of good and evil, to then arrive at Prodi’s conclusions. In the viewfinder there was a single objective: Giorgia Meloni, brought up for facts in which obviously she has nothing to do with it. While I waited, I couldn’t help but think that I was facing an unacceptable approach for anyone, for Conte, Letta or Renzi. The broadcast was not giving correct and impartial information but was simply constructing a theorem ».

What would have been the right setting?

“I believe that the conductor should be the referee between two interlocutors, not become a party to the dispute.”

Wouldn’t it have been more correct to argue with those theses?

“After an hour, in 3 minutes? I have nothing against Corrado Formigli, I was his guest and I certainly do not lose respect for him. But I believe that civilization can also be brought into a political debate. Giorgia Meloni until a few months ago was described as the good side of sovereignty, now seen the polls she has become a Mussolini in a skirt or a Hitler in sixteenth. With these hyperbole, you are exposed to the risk that some madman may choose you as a target, she who, in a country where even those who ship a bullet themselves have stocks and protections, never wanted an escort ».

You have been in politics for many years, you are well aware that the evocation of fascism has been a usual score for about 28 years.

“I too saw the headline of a 1993 newspaper about Fascist Berlusconi. Yes, the exhumation of the black danger is a pre-election classic, but frankly applying it to a 44-year-old woman who for years has had a very firm attitude towards any form of nostalgism is a bit depressing. We know well these artillery tested to destroy, but it is not certain that it is obvious to get used to it and pretend that everything is normal. Giorgia Meloni’s opponents should try to fight her on the contents, not trying to delegitimize her ».

Is there an element of self-criticism that you feel you can do with respect to the positions taken by the Brothers of Italy in recent weeks?

“Right-wing movements exist as well as their attempts to use FDI as a vehicle. Attention is high, sometimes you can do better, sometimes worse, but to think that party leaders may have responsibility for episodes or attitudes that take place in the suburbs is lunar. A few days ago a district councilor from the Manfredi list in Naples was elected who has references to the Ventennio on his Facebook profile. Nobody, rightly, asked Manfredi or Letta to account for it. If he had been from Fdi, would they have had the same attitude with Meloni? This communication is the way to hold democracy in place. The left prefers to win by frightening its own electorate rather than confronting ideas ».

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