Here are the 10 best-selling books so far in Italy in 2021 –

What are the best selling books so far in Italy in 2021? On the occasion of the Turin Book Fair, the AIE provided, as usual, various data (here the details, ed), including la top ten dei bestseller the current editorial year (between 4 January and 19 September 2021), which we propose below (at the top, the second chapter of the saga of the Florio family):

Winter of the Lions, S. Auci, North (May 2021)
The system, A. Sallusti, L. Palamara, Rizzoli (January 2021)
Change the water to the flowers, V. Perrin, E / O (July 2019)
Achilles’ song, M. Miller, Marsilio (January 2019)
Penelope’s discipline, G. Carofiglio, Mondadori (January 2021)
The stories of the neighborhood, G. Lyon, Magazzini Salani (February 2021)
Three, V. Perrin, E / O (June 2021)
As long as the coffee is hot, T. Kawaguchi, Garzanti (March 2020)
Old acquaintances, A. Manzini, Sellerio (June 2021)
I am Giorgia, G. Meloni, Rizzoli (May 2021)

It may also interest you

It may also interest you

As you can see, the ranking of the top ten best-selling books significantly contains within it titles published in 2019 and 2020, to dispel the myth that a book “resists” on the market for only a few months. As it was pointed out during the presentation of the periodic analysis of the market that the Italian Publishers Association carries out in collaboration with NielsenIQ, after all, if we look at the mix between catalog books and novelties, we see that the former weigh for 727 million on sales, the latter for 277 million. Compared to 2019, sales in the catalog grow more than those relating to new products: + 19% against + 12%.


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