5 thousand men to prevent further violence in Rome- Corriere.it

5 thousand men to prevent further violence in Rome- Corriere.it
5 thousand men to prevent further violence in Rome- Corriere.it
from Fiorenza Sarzanini

The mobilization of the CGIL and the nightmare of other no pass violence. No party symbols, no demonstrations of dissent

Late in the evening, when it is understood that the first day with the obligation of the green pass for workers was not a Black Friday, a sigh of relief is breathed. But only the first, in fact. Because the weekend is more complicated since Luciana Lamorgese Minister of the Interior was not over. And because the real test for public order will come today, with 50 thousand people in the streets in Rome for the mobilization of the CGIL, CISL and UIL, events throughout Italy and thenightmare of new protests marked by the presence of extremists and no vax. The latest reports from the Prevention Police and theintelligence they are reassuring, but even those broadcast on the eve of last Saturday’s rally were reassuring and the result was disastrous. Now we are trying to turn the page, to lower the tension caused by a safety device that a week ago did not withstand the onslaught of Forza Nuova and its followers. The leaders – Roberto Fiore, Giuliano Castellino, Pamela Testa e Luigi Aronica – I’m in prison, but this is not enough to reassure. And then the plan developed to contain the violent is that of maximum alert, with about 5,000 men deployed to monitor Piazza San Giovanni, lock the institutional offices and other possible sensitive objectives, supervise the polling stations which will open tomorrow morning at 7, to supervise the arrival and outflow of fans who will attend the match in the capital Lazio- Inter.

The minister

After the attacks and accusations of recent days for the leaks that allowed the assault on the CGIL headquarters and clashes between demonstrators and police forces in the historic center of Rome that went on for hours, the minister knows well that the most delicate game of his mandate is played in the next few hours. For this reason, the meetings in his office at the Viminale with the heads of the prevention apparatus and for the development of security measures with the police chief Lamberto Giannini go on until the evening. Today Rome will be an armored city with an deployment of vehicles to guard the offices and thousands of men. A protective cordon that will be confirmed in the coming days and further strengthened – with another 500 soldiers safe roads operation – in view of 30 October, when will the G20 and the capital will be at the center of the world stage with the arrival of the heads of state and government and thousands of people in tow.

The extremists

Roadblocks, pickets in front of companies, yesterday’s protest sit-ins caused limited damage, no clashes with law enforcement. Fears for the next few hours and days remain very high, as well as the controls against extremists already known precisely for the actions of the past. In the proceedings of the investigation intoassault on CGIL a week ago the presence of members of the extreme right-wing political movement Forza Nuova, also from other cities, who from the beginning incited the crowd – both with words and gestures – to violence was clearly highlighted. It is they, with the top leaders of the no vax and no green pass movements, to represent the greatest danger also for the disturbing actions that they may have planned to get to Piazza San Giovanni.

The parade

The agreement with the organizers of the demonstration of the trade unions provides strict prescriptions. Those who participate must stay in the piazza, party symbols cannot be displayed and no politician will take the stage even because of the day election silence. Only a small procession is allowed for those arriving from outside, which from the Esquiline will reach the nearby Piazza San Giovanni, and will also be controlled by the order service of the CGIL. All manifestations of dissent are banned in Rome, which instead are foreseen in other cities. With the awareness that it is precisely the impromptu actions that represent the greatest danger.

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