twenty kilos of drugs and 87 thousand euros at home, arrested 29 years old

Hard blow to the drug dealer north of Rome where the carabinieri found and seized 20 kilos of drugs and a real treasure (over 80 thousand euros). It was the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Roma Cassia, as part of the daily control of the territory, who arrested a 29-year-old in flagrante delicto for the crime of possession of drugs for the purpose of drug dealing.

The boy, an unsuspecting clean record, was noticed wandering around with suspicion on board his car in Castel de Ceveri, and was stopped for a check by the Carabinieri. His excessive nervousness led the military to extend the investigations also at his home where almost 3 kilos of cocaine, over 16.5 kilos of hashish divided into more than 170 sticks, and over 200 g of marijuana were found.

Also found and seized, drug packaging material, a banknote counting machine, 3 precision sling bars and over 87,000 euros in cash, probably the result of drug dealing. The arrested person was associated with the Rome Rebibbia Prison.


twenty kilos drugs thousand euros home arrested years

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