Here is the judge’s verdict on Palamara: what he decided

Here is the judge’s verdict on Palamara: what he decided
Here is the judge’s verdict on Palamara: what he decided

At the end Luca Palamara was indicted together with the former Rome prosecutor Stefano Rocco Fava, as ordered by the judge of Perugia Angela Avila. The former president of the ANM, however, was acquitted of the other charges, including that of disclosure of official secrecy regarding the complaint presented by Fava himself to the Presidency Committee of the CSM.

Already during the preliminary hearing held a few days ago, part of the charge had been changed precisely with regard to the allegations of disclosure of office secrets, effectively easing the position of both Palamara and his fellow magistrate. Palamara will in any case have to appear at the bar to answer for the accusation of revelation and use of official secrets, and with him also Fava.

The decision of the gup

At the end of two hours of council chamber, the gup Angela Avila has in fact ordered the process, which will take place on January 19th. In competition with Stefano Rocco Fava, the former president of the ANM, he is accused of having revealed official news “which should have remained secret“, as reported by AdnKronos. Not only. Specifically we are talking about Fava, which “had prepared a precautionary measure against Amara for the crime of self-laundering and that even in relation to this measure the public prosecutor had not affixed the visa“.

During the searches in the Fava proceeding“, continues the charge,”had recovered documents showing how the Napag company had been used to launder money that Eni had sent to Amara (25 million euros)“. Stefano Rocco Favain addition, he will be tried for the accusations of abusive access to the computer system and abuse of office. The former prosecutor of Rome, in fact, is also accused of having “illegally introduced into the Sicp computer system and in the Tiap, acquiring minutes of the hearing and of the sentence of a proceeding“. An operation that took place, according to the deputy prosecutors Gemma Miliani and Mario Formisano, in order to”launch a media campaign against Pignatone, who has recently ceased from his post as Rome prosecutor and the adjunct Paolo Ielo“.

In fact, Fava’s purpose would have been to start a disciplinary procedure against Pignatone, who at the time held the office of prosecutor, and at the same time discredit Paolo Ielo.

The reactions

Today the former member of the Superior Council of the Judiciary was not present in the courtroom, however his defense was satisfied. “We are satisfied with the decision taken by the gup of Perugia. The remaining charge, already the subject of reconsideration by the prosecutor, arrives at the hearing emptied, devoid of content and in contrast with the depositions yields. In short, a trial that turns out to be useless before starting“, declared the lawyers Benedetto Buratti, Roberto Rampioni and Mariano Buratti.

Luca Palamara was also positive, having learned of the judge’s decision, he said he had taken note of the facts. “On the residual charge, the trial will serve to shed light on my total extraneousness to the facts that are being contested as already clarified by the journalists of Il Fatto e della Verità, who have ruled out having learned from me the news of Fava’s complaint “, he commented, as reported by AdnKronos. “I am sure that not only this but that all the charges against me will drop and give way to the truth“, he concluded.

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