No Green Pass, Draghi is “tough”: ignore the protests and go straight

Maximum attention to Palazzo Chigi and in the political forces to assess what is happening from North to South on the first day when, by law, the Green Pass is mandatory in all workplaces. The situation – explain sources of the majority – “for the moment is not dramatic”. There are expected inconveniences at the port of Trieste and others around Italy, but no escalationn. At least for now, also because it will be necessary to see what will happen in the coming days and weeks. Eyes focused not only on ports but also on the supply system, in particular for supplies in supermarkets and fuel in petrol stations.

Ma what is the strategy of the prime minister? At the moment, government sources assure, Draghi doesn’t move an inch and keeps the bar straight without granting any kind of surrender to the protests and the people of the No Pass. Where, in particular, the sources of the Democratic Party and Forza Italia explain, the inconvenience should increase in the coming days, with the serious risk of even a partial blockade of the country, “the only step the government could take is to further calm down the prices of tampons for unvaccinated workers.” But, the sources explain, “there is no question of withdrawing the provision introducing the obligation of the Green Pass for all workers,” whatever happens “.

The other hypothesis on the table, that of completely eliminating the Green Pass and making vaccination mandatory for the entire population (for now over 12 years) – not like now that the obligation is surreptitious – has been advised against by several constitutional authorities. Palazzo Chigi. In recent weeks, Draghi had opened up to compulsory vaccination, even in a press conference, then not a few experts on the Constitution, consulted by Palazzo Chigi, they explained that the rejection by the Council would most likely have come. This is why the premier and the government, mainly driven by the Democratic Party and Forza Italia, has chosen the path of the obligation of the Green Pass for all workers. Indeed, a surreptitious vaccination obligation.


Green Pass, Cacciari: “Draghi does not care, the Democratic Party decides”


Green Pass Draghi tough ignore protests straight

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