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Accidents at work, worker dies in Milan by electrocution | Warehouse worker crushed by a forklift in Sassari

October 15, 2021 4:26 pm

In the first case, the accident occurred during the works in an electrical substation. In Sardinia, the tragedy in the municipal Ecocentro

In Nerviano another worker injured in serious condition – Still in the same town north of Milan, a 44-year-old worker fell from the roof of a shed about 6 meters high in via Giuseppe Garibaldi 115 and was taken in code red to the hospital in Legnano with various traumas.

Sassari, the worker has lost control of the vehicle – Gianuario Derudas worked for Ambiente Italia – the company that manages the urban sanitation service for the Municipality of Sassari – and died crushed by the forklift he drove in the square of the Ecocentro. The 43-year-old was busy moving material when the forklift, apparently due to a slope in the ground, overturned on one side. Derudas tried to save himself by jumping out of the vehicle, but the forklift overturned right on his side. The worker was rescued by his colleagues but there was nothing for him to do. 118 arrived on the spot, the local police, the firefighters and the inspectors of the Spresal who will have to ascertain the dynamics of the accident.

Biella, worker injured by steel plate – In a company in Lessona, in the Biella area, a steel plate fallen during a maneuver injured the left leg of a 50-year-old worker. The man was transported to the hospital for suspected fibula fracture. The carabinieri of Cossato and Spresal intervened in the company to ascertain the dynamics of the accident.


Accidents work worker dies Milan electrocution Warehouse worker crushed forklift Sassari

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