The great game of the Goose, a journey through the murals of Isola and Sarpi with augmented reality

Milano – Open City Art (Oca) it’s a green path of urban art that combines street art, augmented reality and sustainability: the new project conceived by the Mostraami collective is officially launched Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October 2021 in Milan with the event The great game of the Goose.

Milano – Open City Art was selected within the broader frame of Food Wave and co-financed by the European Union and the Municipality of Milan. The project was also supported by Stantec who wanted to reward the artist most appreciated by the public and artistic commission.

Milano – The public can stroll among the 8 murals made by several young street artists of the collective, try augmented reality with which these works have increased, interact with them and play with gods quiz on the sustainability of the planet. The 8 works are focused on some of the most important objectives of the 2030 Agenda on sustainability and specifically:

  • Goal 2 – Defeating hunger

  • Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation

  • Goal 7 – Clean and accessible energy

  • Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

  • Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production

  • Goal 13 – Fight against climate change

  • Goal 14 – Life under water

  • Goal 15 – Life on Earth

The goal of this open-air artistic circuit it is to counteract passivity and reduced information on issues such as the environmental and food crisis as well as the architectural and urban decay of some areas of Milan. To this end, the shopkeepers of the areas concerned were also involved: the murals are in fact made directly on the shutters of the same and the owners become ambassadors of beauty and sustainability.

The route is absolutely free and free. Saturday 16 October starting at 19.00 i murals yes activate: augmented reality begins to come to life and just go in front of the work, frame the Qr Code connected to observe all the details, virtual and otherwise. In the evening we continue with the first Game of the Goose, mainly on the 4 murals in Isola area, while on the afternoon of Sunday 17th we mainly work on the other 4 murals in Sarpi area.

How to play the Game of the Goose? Both Saturday in Isola and Sunday in Sarpi, for each of the 8 shutters the public can start from any stage of the route, where two volunteers explain the game and pose questions that can even lead to small prizes. The questions all focus on sustainability to raise awareness on the environmental issue. The public can also express their preference to determine the favorite mural and allocate it Stantec Street Art Award: the gate most appreciated by the public and the technical commission (50% and 50%) will be awarded by Stantec with an additional prize of 1000 euros.

The project of Open CIty Art and the game path consists of these 8 localizations:

  • Via Carlo Farini 39
  • Via Porro Lambertenghi 20
  • Via Borsieri 32
  • Piazzale Archinto 1
  • Viale Pasubio 16
  • Via Paolo Sarpi 46
  • Via Luigi Canoninca 89
  • Via Luigi Canonica 87

For registration and updates consult the Open City Art website; for more information call 347 3895473.

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