Conte chases Grillo on free tampons. And the M5s crashes again

Conte chases Grillo on free tampons. And the M5s crashes again
Conte chases Grillo on free tampons. And the M5s crashes again

The former premier feels overtaken by the proposal on the Guarantor’s blog and relaunches. “I already said so.” The parliamentary groups are boiling: “We have not been consulted”. Former minister Azzolina: “Swabs have never been free for school”

It seems to have gone like this. Giuseppe Conte he shakes the phone and when he sees Grillo’s post on free tampons he squints. He reads it as yet another attempt to override it. And then it is not held. Remember that you have already spoken about it. And well before the comedian’s impromptu release. “We as M5S have invoked and proposed the free buffer, so now we have to see as far as the financial endowments are concerned“. He brings attention back to this old speech, during an electoral rally, when the decree on the green pass was being discussed. But his parents do not follow him very much. If it is true that immediately, the Undersecretary of the Interior Carlo Sibilia, corrects the shot: “Anyone who does not have a green pass is a no vax”. Other than a request for pacification and the need to open a debate, as stated in Grillo’s proposal in the post that appeared on his blog.

It would be good if we knew what the line is, because it seems to me that the situation is far from clear“, the M5s MP from Abruzzo tells Il Foglio Giuseppe Vacca. “We have always said in favor of the green pass and then these positions emerge that are far from shared. It would not have been a bad thing to discuss it in time, otherwise we give the idea of ​​having an indefinite answer”. Also because it is since yesterday that parliamentary chats have been boiling. Today alone there have been five meetings of the Grillini elected in the Senate. And as reported by a deputy from the north, “the opposition to the free swab remains the majority within the groups”. One of the most combative on this point is the former Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina. Who recalled how the problem of free tampons has never been raised for school. And that the organization of a screening campaign could not ignore a factual fact: that is, that in some northern regions (for example Friuli-Venezia Giulia) reservations in pharmacies reach the end of the year. Why should these waiting times be reviewed by an emergency that has been produced by upsetting the provisions of the government itself? So that in the evening it is the same Conte to intervene, with a post on Facebook. “The cost of tampons must be further controlled, because those who live in situations of poverty must have the opportunity to take a test without having a dramatic impact on the family budget. On this we expect a clear commitment from the government“, writes the former premier. Insisting on the line of reopening in places of sociality which in recent weeks has involved theaters, cinemas and museums above all.

But that there is a certain discontent among the grillini, as is also proved by the eagerness of the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio. Who, after having smelled the trap, has seen fit to stay away from the tampon issue. After all, it would have been a gamble to expose oneself at this stage. (Look at what the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta is saying in these hours: “The free tampon? As an amnesty for tax evaders”). Thus leaving Conte the role of those who are forced to pursue the moods of the Elevato. When his job would actually be to lead.


Conte chases Grillo free tampons M5s crashes

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