We all experience what happened to Amber an infinite number of times. Let’s train ourselves to say ‘I’m not there!’

We all experience what happened to Amber an infinite number of times. Let’s train ourselves to say ‘I’m not there!’
We all experience what happened to Amber an infinite number of times. Let’s train ourselves to say ‘I’m not there!’

We women know: what she has suffered Ambra Angiolini, that “being put in the middle”, that finding yourself having to appeal to your calm and your patience, while the Gascon on duty has fun without a shred of sensitivity and good taste to rage on some of your weaknesses, it has happened to us women an infinite number of times.

For example, it happened to me at school, when as a heavily overweight child I suffered laughter, not from my classmates, but from those genes of their parents. And it has happened to me (countless times) that he gives volleyball player, being physically androgynous, I had to endure, not from the stands (which is still horrendous, but more predictable), but from some opposing executive the usual idiotic joke “Oh but are we sure it’s female?”. But I could also mention famous and combative women, like Elodie who had to “defend” herself from a coarse remark from a colleague about her thinness and also passed for boring just because, legitimately, annoyed.

And I could stay here hours, reporting the anecdotes of friends or the ones I hear in training courses against stereotypes and sexism. The theme of the “double standard” between men and women is a constant when it comes to jokes, goliardia, the pack that “plays”. You can do things to “her” that you wouldn’t dream of doing to a “him”. On this parity, rest assured, there is not yet.

And since many and many have spoken to Ambra Angiolini about the bad taste of the tapir, that instead of I mean today is something else. I mean it’s time to rebel, indeed it’s time to “train” to rebel against these scenes. All and all. Men and women. Because, as I always say, having learned the hard way, it is normal not to be able to instinctively react properly, in the face of a “micro-aggression”, perhaps disguised as a student spirit, or in the face of an invasion of your intimacy disguised as right to report. No, you can’t immediately repel the attack, even if you are smart and appreciated women like Ambra Angiolini. And you can’t even, I say it really heartbroken, to refuse if you are Vanessa Incontrada who also spoke of hate speech many times and that, on this occasion, has a bad fall in style in lending herself to the theater undergone by Ambra.

So, what we must learn to do and what we must be able to spread is to train the courage and readiness to say. “No, I’m not there”. We think about the strength that we must find within us in these situations. Let’s do it: with our children, with husbands, with friends, with grandmothers. And let’s do it not only for when we will suffer sexist or disrespectful behavior, but also when in the office someone will allow themselves to make inappropriate jokes to a colleague, when the bartender allows himself to do bodyshaming with an obese girl only because she asked for a croissant with cream, when in a pub (unfortunately a scene that really happened) the waiter thinks he is witty to bring two sixteen-year-olds a hot dog served like a male organ.

Rebel. Back up. Infect us with the desire to react to this vulgar and futureless culture and change it. This we must learn to do. And maybe presto, some pages of bad television will be just the sad blow of the tail of a patriarchy with the hours numbered.

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