Tesla’s latest SUV also arrives in Italy: the new Model Y

Last weekend Elon Musk presented his new Gigafactory in Berlin, Tesla’s first European factory, to show the public the great possibilities of his brand and to proudly reveal some secrets and the production capacity of the new plant, dedicated to Model Y.

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According to the CEO of Palo Alto, the high technology of the factory will give the possibility of produce a bodywork every 45 seconds, the very ambitious goal is to exceed 600 thousand units per year. The German production line will most likely start working as early as November. Without a doubt the activities will start by the end of the year, Elon Musk was very clear.

The first Tesla Model Ys will roll out of the Berlin plant by 2021. The manager among the richest in the world wants to reach a weekly production of between 5,000 and 10,000 vehicles by the end of 2022, very high numbers. The role of the European Gigafactory is very strategic for Tesla’s growth. The new Model Y for the European market will be born right here in Germany, cars that we can define conceptually unpublished, will in fact be equipped with a new structural battery pack with 4680 cells.

The new battery packs were unveiled in Berlin, will allow the Palo Alto electric cars to achieve excellent performance both from the point of view of efficiency and autonomy. As for the ‘old’ batteries, at the moment we do not know if they will be used anyway, and therefore if the European Model Ys will be produced in both the ‘modern’ and the classic version. But we will soon find out too, Elon Musk has no secrets in general.

Tesla Model Y will be produced with the new ultra-tech battery for Europe

The 4680 batteries were presented by the manager during the Battery Day. An innovative technology, which will allow to save in terms of mass and components used to build the vehicle. The efficiency will also improve by about 14%, and the autonomy by 16%.

Ma the exceptional novelty that will be present on the Tesla Model Y for Europe is represented by the fact that the seats will be positioned directly on the new battery pack, an arrangement that allows vehicle assembly to be made even easier and faster. The electric SUV platform will consist of practically only three major elements, and it is one of the things that amazed the most.


Teslas latest SUV arrives Italy Model

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