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In Italy, the “extemporaneous” Zapatista delegation

In Italy, the “extemporaneous” Zapatista delegation
In Italy, the “extemporaneous” Zapatista delegation

Chiapas. Their trip to Italy will be made up of private meetings with collectives, associations, social centers, territorial and workers’ struggles. It will be made up of visits to self-managed farms and fields

The impromptu, the EZLN delegation of men and women arrived in Europe in mid-September, has finally arrived in Italy. On 12 October a bus from Dijon brought representatives of the Zapatista struggle to our country. After landing in Vienna and touring Germany, Poland, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria they will now be in France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Ireland and England. For now, in Italy, there are about forty but by the first week of November there will be over 150. The invasion of Italy from below has started from Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto. There will be no big events, parades or concerts …


Italy extemporaneous Zapatista delegation

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