“Demonstration not illegitimate but highly inappropriate”

“Demonstration not illegitimate but highly inappropriate”
“Demonstration not illegitimate but highly inappropriate”

The demonstration in which the united unions will take to the streets in Rome next Saturday “is not illegitimate, but highly inappropriate for its mix with the electoral moment”. The Adnkronos underlines this emeritus president of the Constitutional Court Cesare Mirabelli that on the risk of indirect propaganda is expressed as follows: “It is inevitable that it will have a reflex effect, like all events that happen before the vote. Even if formally on Saturday it is the trade unions that launch the initiative, the root is political. C ‘ it is a high inopportunity not for the content which is sacrosanct but for the context, which ends up debasing the content itself “.

Would it have been better to postpone the demonstration for a few days? “This is the element of inopportunity: doing it the day before the elections. Even if the inopportunity is an assessment that has no legal repercussions – Mirabelli replies – it could break the electoral silence by transforming a trade union demonstration into one of electoral propaganda” .

(di Roberta Lanzara)


Demonstration illegitimate highly inappropriate

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