Change opens the dialogue with Forza Italia putting Grazzini aside, but Bagnasco closes the door. The solidarity of Costa

“The words of the mayor Peracchini towards the management of La Spezia Come on Italy they are unacceptable and downright inappropriate. The style and manner of personal attack with which the mayor interprets his politics have become unbearable. This attitude, in addition to creating division and not helping a possible recomposition of the city center-right, creates disorientation among the voters, at a time when a path of unity and dialogue should rather be promoted. To the friend Nanni Grazzini, unjustified target of the mayor’s rambling criticism, all my support goes. In a climate like this it is absolutely impossible to find the conditions for re-compacting ”. This was stated in a note by the Undersecretary of State for Health, Andrea Costa, leader of Popular Liguria, following the statements made by the mayor Pierluigi Peracchini in the interview released in recent days to Cronaca4 (here).

In particular, the part in which the mayor tackles the issue of relations with Forza Italia and with the current Commissioner Nanni Grazzini, defined as the “crutch of the left”, is in the sights. He also spoke out against the La Spezia accountant Loris Figoli, provincial coordinator of Cambiamo, who has instead shown that he wants to open once again dialogue with the regional leaders of Silvio Berlusconi’s party.
“We welcome the opening of the regional coordinator of Forza Italia Carlo Bagnasco in Cambiamo! and to all the center-right, of which, moreover, as a party it is a founder and firmly integral part. On the other hand, we are sorry for Nanni Grazzini’s exit by return of post, which is not well understood how he can disavow his own regional coordinator in less than 24 hours, provided they belong to the same political movement. One would have to ask which side he is on, if it were not now clear that Nanni Grazzini is an organic figure in the center-left, in the guise of a center-right party – insists Figoli -. Forza Italia is in fact a movement that also in La Spezia, as in Liguria and in Italy, is made up of people, ideas and founding values ​​and still firmly in the center-right, and which in Spezia are a government force after defeating for the first time for decades the politics and the ruling class of the left. Grazzini, on the other hand, is organic to the same left that Forza Italia has helped to overcome, and it is with every public release, with every choice of words and men, in an attempt to transform a positive thirty-year history into one of the many small parties of hatred. and resentment. There was no hesitation in sacrificing historical blue figures on the altar such as Giacomo Peserico, councilor and man esteemed by our entire community, or to surround himself in the province by that same ruling class which, now rejected by the Democratic Party, is still struggling to make politics of center-left in the guise of a center-right party. There are many men and women of Forza Italia who have worked on an alternative to Massimo Federici and Alessio Cavarra, and who now find themselves dismayed at seeing opposition press releases to the center-right signed by those who the center-right has fought and won. We have promised ourselves not to respond, in recent months, to the continuous provocations of Grazzini, a man who should boast a very different credibility compared to the press releases he finds himself signing, perhaps a little inattentive. We respond today for the first and last time, not wanting to feed ourselves the image of someone who embodies a daily betrayal of the values ​​of Forza Italia, and who has never even made the effort to introduce himself to those who should be his allies. From now on, we will discuss only with Carlo Bagnasco, certain that Forza Italia can return firmly to the perimeter of the center-right, without being subjugated in La Spezia by a few people who have nothing to do with the center-right and who do not even have anything in common between them, if not personal resentment and the will to make those who defeated the center-left lose after decades. At whatever cost, even the renunciation of any representation, as demonstrated by the failure of the last electoral round ”, concludes Figoli.

The appeal to dialogue, however, was annihilated a few turns of the hands later by the same Carlo Bagnasco, blue regional coordinator, intervened with a straight leg in defense of Grazzini. “Forza Italia’s executives are chosen by Forza Italia. We certainly do not accept external judgments on the degree of representation in the territory and the interference of those who would like to influence the choices of others in some way is serious, very serious. This is certainly not how a serious political relationship is built that looks to the future in the interest of the territory. Unfortunately we are continuing with an attitude that has already caused so much damage ”. Words, those of Bagnasco, which leave no room for reconciliations.
“I therefore reject the sender – he continues – the attempt to pass Forza Italia as a disturbing element and external to the center-right. We are the founders of the center-right and always, in all small and large realities, faithful to an alliance that is part of our DNA. This does not mean, I repeat, having to accept the choices of others and judgments on the leadership of a party that, at the moment, is working strongly on the territory. This is not how a coalition that wants to return to the government is built. This is the wrong path, I say it with humility but with a strong vindication of the role that President Berlusconi has assigned me and reconfirming the full total trust in the local management, which I have chosen and wanted and which is made up of prepared, honest, and fully inserted in the social fabric ”, concludes the regional coordinator of Forza Italia.

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