“New Stadium, a delicate issue. What the new council will do”

Freshly appointed as Councilor for Tourism, Sport and Youth of the new municipal council of the reconfirmed Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, Martina Riva talked about future projects. The new councilor gave an interview to The newspaper speaking of the construction of the new stadium for Inter and Milan. There is no doubt about the timing: “Now we need to accelerate. It is a delicate issue and it was right to wait for the new majority in the city council to be elected to decide”.

New Stadium Project

On past differences and disagreements: “Now is the time to talk about it calmly, abandon the differences even within the center-left and decide quickly”.

The new stadium would not be just a matter of the two Milan teams: “The project of Inter and Milan is wider and involves the neighborhood, before expressing a position a general reflection must be made, but I reiterate the desire to tighten”.


Stadium delicate issue council

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