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Trieste in chaos, what happens if the Italian port of raw materials is blocked

Connections that have led Trieste to be the first Italian airport (followed by La Spezia) for the quantity of goods moved by rail. And they pushed China to turn on a beacon on the Italian airport at a time (pre-pandemic) when the Beijing government was pushing belt an road initiative, the new Silk Road, then considerably slowed down by the events related to Covid.

For a couple of years Trieste was also the first Italian airport ever, in terms of goods handled, beating Genoa, which has the national record as a container handling gate. In fact, in raising the Trieste tonnage, liquid bulk plays a prominent role, i.e. the Siot terminal, which is the number one oil port in the Mediterranean and injects millions of tons of crude a year into the pipelines to Austria. Germany and the Czech Republic (again Central Europe).

Pandemic and trafficking

With the pandemic, traffic, including those of liquid bulk, in Trieste, as in other Italian ports, dropped considerably; and if in 2019 the airport totaled 66 million tons of goods overall (against 67.1 million in Genoa), in 2020 these fell to 57 million (against 57.4 in Genoa).

In the first half of 2021, however, the airport started to march again at an excellent pace, returning to pre-Covid levels; so much so that, in the first half of 2021, the trains handled were 4,657, with an increase of + 19.47% compared to the same period of 2020.

Among the product categories, the ro-ro sector recorded + 38.87%, with 147,760 units transited. On the other hand, containers (-2.29%) and solid (-22.45%) and liquid bulk (-7.17%) are down. This is the reason why the airport’s totals in the first six months of the year amounted to 25.7 million tons (-1.95%).


Trieste chaos Italian port raw materials blocked

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