Milan, the pharma supply chain is back in attendance

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CPhI Worldwide, the largest global event dedicated to the pharmaceutical and chemical pharmaceutical industry, returns to Fiera Milano (Rho) from 9 to 11 November, after the stop imposed by the pandemic. The exhibition event, now in its thirtieth edition, covers the entire supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry which in Italy is an important and innovative network.

«The health emergency has highlighted how strategic the pharmaceutical sector is, a sector that has a leading role at national and international level. It is therefore a priority to increase investments in the sector, especially in the field of research, establishing and enhancing a strengthened strategic alliance between private companies and public institutions – says Andrea Costa, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Health -. Investing in research means improving the health and life expectancy of citizens, attracting new resources and talents for the economic and social development of the country. The knowledge we accumulate today will be the basis for new drugs approved in 10-20 years. The creation of a critical mass of skills will be the basis of an integrated and synergistic ecosystem which, by enhancing all the actors involved – public, private, third sector, voluntary service and pharmaceutical sector – will be able to strengthen our Health System and make it so always more universalistic “.

“CPhI is a great opportunity for Italy and Lombardy, the leading pharmaceutical region in terms of industrial presence, with over 100 companies, 24,000 direct employees and over 28,000 related industries – comments Giorgio Bruno, president of the Cdmo Group – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Specialists by Farmindustria -. With 34.3 billion in total production – both for active ingredients and for finished products – in 2020 our country is confirmed as one of the major pharmaceutical poles in the EU, together with France and Germany, thanks to growing exports (+ 74% between 2015 and 2020) which testifies to its quality. And it is even in first place in Europe for production on behalf of third parties (CDMO), with 2.3 billion ”.

«Lombardy and Milan are a recognized hub for Life Sciences – adds Sergio Dompé, Vice President of Assolombarda with responsibility for Life Sciences and Chair of the B20 Health & Life Sciences Task Force -. Suffice it to say that 35.4% of Italian pharmaceutical companies and more than 50% of national clinical trials are concentrated in this area, with investments that triple their impact thanks to avoided costs for the national health system. Now we must continue to work to stimulate the growth of the Lombard pharmaceutical sector and supply chain and the way forward is that of greater cooperation between public and private sectors. Mario Draghi himself, as Chair of the G20, a few days ago stressed the importance of cooperation between governments and businesses to ensure the health of citizens. In this direction, CPhI represents an extraordinary opportunity to attract new investments, new production realities with a high innovative content and to enhance centers of excellence such as Mind ».

“Italy is the first European country both in terms of turnover, with over 4.8 billion, and in terms of the number of companies producing active pharmaceutical ingredients, with over 72 companies for 109 production sites and an export share of 85% – he says Paolo Russolo, president of AschimFarma, the Federchimica sector association representing the producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates – Quality and safety in production, research and innovation above the manufacturing average, respect for the environment have always been the distinctive criteria of Italian producers “.

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