“A Molotov cocktail at CGIL. And Meloni …”: Morani’s shock tweet

“A Molotov cocktail at CGIL. And Meloni …”: Morani’s shock tweet
“A Molotov cocktail at CGIL. And Meloni …”: Morani’s shock tweet

Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy denounce an “unworthy way” of campaigning by the Democratic Party: a post by the deputy Dem Alessia Morani sparked the “patriots”, who ask the secretary Enrico Letta to intervene, just as had happened with the statements of the former minister for the South Giuseppe Provenzano.

After all, the honorable piddina wrote about Twitter the following: “These images come from Jesi. It seems we have placed a Molotov cocktail at the Cgil headquarters. We are waiting to understand what has happened but I believe that the distinctions of these days and the accusations of Meloni to the Viminale are very serious”. The climate is worrying and responsibility is needed, he insisted. What does Giorgia Meloni have to do with the unfortunate episode of Jesi it is useless to ask ourselves. Because the answer is obvious and it is nothing.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy commented on everything closely and via social media: “What does Letta think of this unworthy way of making propaganda on the part of his party?” he pointed out Giorgia Meloni through his Facebook page. The tones of this electoral campaign, which is now winding down, continue to be harsh. And the Democratic Party is distinguishing itself for a certain instrumentality. Precisely in these terms, at least, the deputy of Fdi Marco Osnato expressed himself: “Well … if anything was needed an example of stupid instrumentality applied to politics today we have irrefutable proof … @AlessiaMorani if ​​we weren’t faced with a dramatic fact I would tell you to stay away from the bottles … but of alcohol !!! shame”. Fratelli d’Italia does not go along with a narrative that, to put it mildly, has nothing to do with normal political dialectics. But the Democratic Party must also look after other contents of that tweet.

In fact, Morani wrote “we” instead of “have”. And this has raised a number of amused voices from MPs from fdi, as retraced by theAdnkronos. The Florentine Giovanni Donzelli has already labeled everything as a “comic gaffe”, while the Bolognese Galezzo Bignami presents a more complex examination: “Have we? If the Prosecutor’s Office is more appropriate than Twitter. From Zingaretti to Zingarelli” . Donzelli again, then, to press on the point: “‘Have we placed? After the words of Lamorgese in the courtroom this slip arrives. , the deputy commented. A Sardinian deputy, Salvatore Sasso Deidda, also takes a position on the matter: “To approach a cowardly attack on the CGIL and the interrogation of Giorgia Meloni to the Minister of the Interior is a shameful and defamatory behavior. Be ashamed and apologize”, notes the former manager of Youth Action who apparently is not in the mood to make fun of Morani’s words.

The Democratic party, after having aired the hypothesis of dissolution for Fdi (suggestion on which however Provenzano has turned back) he compares the speech held yesterday in the courtroom by Meloni to a Molotov cocktail against a union. A way of campaigning that has nothing to do with it. The last hours of this turning point are thus seasoned by yet another Piddina performance: even this time, style and contents are to be reviewed.


Molotov cocktail CGIL Meloni Moranis shock tweet

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