Italy ready to give the ok to workers vaccinated with Sputnik and Sinovac

Italy ready to give the ok to workers vaccinated with Sputnik and Sinovac
Italy ready to give the ok to workers vaccinated with Sputnik and Sinovac

There are still too many issues to be resolved on the methods of applying the obligation of green pass for workers. The explanatory sheets of the government are not enough: for employers the risk of litigation is around the corner, in addition to the even more serious one of not being able to guarantee the service due to lack of staff. The unions have asked for more clarity on the timing of advance verification of possession of a green card: the risk of not having the time to organize any replacements is high. And again the problems related to the protection of privacy with the impossibility of archiving data. A simplification proposal is to limit entry controls, eliminating random ones.

However, the solution to at least one of the many problems on the table is coming: that of vaccines not recognized by the European Medicines Agency, Ema, and therefore not even by the Italian one, Aifa, or the Russian Sputnik and the Chinese one Sinovac, which received the green light from the World Health Organization. An issue that affects many workers both in the road transport sector and in that of family assistance where the prevalence of foreign workers from the East and therefore vaccinated with alternative sera is massive. It is estimated that one million families are at risk of finding themselves without assistance because the domestic worker or carer is either not vaccinated or with Sputnik or Sinovac. Another sector in fibrillation is the agricultural one since 60% of the 390 thousand employees are foreigners and therefore not vaccinated with products authorized by the EMA. Therefore, the Ministry of Health is developing a provision that also temporarily admits these two vaccines to obtain the green pass.

Two hypotheses on the table have already been announced by the director of the ministry’s prevention department, Gianni Rezza, who should sign the green light by tomorrow.

The first hypothesis is to recognize tout court the complete vaccination cycles carried out abroad with Sputnik and Sinovac. Otherwise, as suggested by the President of the Superior Health Council, Franco Locatelli, a further additional dose could be carried out with a messenger RNA vaccine even in previously vaccinated people.

The question of buffers remains open: will the system be able to withstand the impact of the inevitable boom in requests? Pharmacies are also preparing to withstand the brunt. Since the green pass came into force, the daily average of tampons performed has stood at around 300 thousand. About two thirds of the total tampons pass through the pharmacy, around 200 thousand. Not all of them are involved: only 10 thousand have joined the tampon campaign out of a total of 19 thousand.

For the president of the Federation of the Orders of Italian Pharmacists (Fofi), Andrea Mandelli, it is possible both to enlarge the audience of participating pharmacies and the regimen of tampons carried out. In any case, however, it will be difficult to pass half a million tests a day while putting all forces into the field.

“It is clear that if vaccinated people do not increase, testing problems could arise. But we rely on the fact that more and more citizens understand that vaccination is safe and is the only way to defeat Covid »hopes Mandelli.

However, it seems inevitable that other forces must be put in place to avoid flooding the system.

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