Novax also in the Kingdom of the biscuit, ‘let’s save the sweets’ – Chronicle

Novax also in the Kingdom of the biscuit, ‘let’s save the sweets’ – Chronicle
Novax also in the Kingdom of the biscuit, ‘let’s save the sweets’ – Chronicle

Even the kingdom of the biscuit has to deal with the no-vax employees who, from tomorrow, will be forced to stay at home, and without salary. This is told by Paolo Gentilini, president and CEO of the Roman company of the same name, leader in the production of biscuits. “Out of 80 employees – he tells ANSA – over 10% do not have the Green pass. I am very worried about what will happen tomorrow”.
“We as a company – he underlines – have organized ourselves and have appointed a person in charge for the random check of the certificates, as required by law. I sincerely hope everything goes well”. What worries the “king” of biscuits is above all the fringe of the “irreducible” – as Gentilini himself calls them -, that is, people opposed to the vaccine but also to tampons because they inevitably weigh on the pockets of the workers. “I tried to talk to them and convince them – he explains -, but there was nothing to do. To date, some have taken vacation and others are on sick leave. I don’t know how this story will end”.

In any case, production should not be affected, but the risk of receiving medical certificates or copious requests for leave appears more than concrete. “I don’t understand who put it into his head not to get the vaccine – explains Gentilini -. Unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance and misinformation around. We are absolutely in favor of the vaccine and the Green pass”.

The historic Roman company, however, has never considered the possibility of contributing to the expense for tampons. “We have never thought about this, and I don’t think it is right at all – the president’s words -. Those who do not want to get the vaccine pay the cost of the tampons themselves. I hope that from tomorrow we do not invent some clever ways to escape the controls. , also because we are ready to suspend those who violate the rules with a consequent complaint, as required by law “.
Now all that remains is to wait for the opening of the gates tomorrow morning, when the authorized personnel will proceed with the checks (randomly, at least on 20% of the workers) and will verify the possession of the green certificate. With the “diehards, presumably, at home. The mission of the colleagues, those with the green pass, will be to” save the cookies “.


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Novax Kingdom biscuit lets save sweets Chronicle

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