Italy at risk of blocking against the obligation of the green pass: transport problems are expected

Italy at risk of blocking against the obligation of the green pass: transport problems are expected
Italy at risk of blocking against the obligation of the green pass: transport problems are expected

Ports, logistics, transport of goods: the first day with the obligation of the green pass in all workplaces could also become the first of the great chaos, with Italy semi-paralyzed by strikes and blocks of production categories and from the demonstrations already announced for Friday in dozens of cities by those who oppose the instrument imposed by the government to push as many Italians as possible to get vaccinated.

A climate of constant tension on which there is the utmost attention on the part of the Interior Ministry which, in agreement with Palazzo Chigi, has given clear indications to the security systems. Also because the line, is the message that government sources continue to reiterate, does not change: we go ahead with the green pass.

The right to express one’s opinion will always be guaranteed – they say from Palazzo CHigi – but there will be as much firmness towards those who want to take advantage of the protests to cause unrest or block the country.

The most problematic situations, and net of the hundreds of initiatives announced on the Telegram channels where the dispute has been fueled for months, are those affecting ports and road transport, where 90% of the goods circulating in Italy travel.. Leading the protest of the dockers is Trieste, where out of 950 workers 40% do not have the green certificate. In the other airports, in reality, the situation is less tense, but no one can say for sure what will happen on Friday. In Genoa, for example, where the percentage of those who do not have a pass is around 20%, the protest of trucks at the most important terminal is underway and the RSU are fighting for the supplementary contract and have rejected the economic proposal of the company, confirming the strike.

“The real problem is transport – says Uil leader Roberto Gulli – 30% of drivers are vaccinated, there is a risk of chaos”. “If foreign hauliers will be able to come to Italy without the pass and this will instead be imposed on Italian companies, we are considering inviting companies to stop the trucks. We have no answers from the ministry and if this attitude continues, anything can happen »said the president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio Paolo Uggè.

As for the transport of Bergamo at the moment there are no inconveniences and delays reported.

We will then have to see what will happen in factories and large companies – at Elettrolux, where 23% of the 1,430 employees do not have a pass, an 8-hour strike has already been announced – and in public transport companies. In Rome, for example, the Orsa union has made some calculations: to create problems in the metro and local trains it is enough for 5-10% of the staff to be absent. And in Atac the percentage of unvaccinated travels between 10 and 20%.


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