restart with 90 thousand euros of vouchers

It officially kicks off Milan what a show, an initiative that from 24 October until 14 November will support the recovery of the entire city sector of live show, put to the test by two years of detention. An event that, we read from the pages of the Municipality website, «… intends to involve the whole world of live entertainment: not only the theater, the dance, the cinema and the rooms from concerto, but also i live club and the realities that in various ways operate in this area “.

Milan what a show, culture in the city starts again

Milano che Spettacolo takes its moves from the meetings and moments of confrontation organized, during 2021, by Milan | Culture with representatives of the sector, to try to bring the public back to the stalls in complete safety. We will proceed through two main lines: the first will be one extensive communication campaign, with posters, playbills, digital banners, social channels, newsletters, Web TV radio, which will be broadcast in all areas of the city. The second will be a economic incentive, namely being able to participate in the shows at a discounted price thanks to the vouchers that will be made available to citizens on a digital platform.

How to apply for economic incentives and vouchers to see the shows

The coordination and organization of this part of the initiative will be taken care of by AGIS lombarda, which in the coming weeks will provide more detailed information on the times and methods of accessing the site. The Municipality of Milan specifies that 9,000 vouchers worth 5 euros and 3,000 vouchers worth 15 euros will be made available, for a total amount of the economic incentive action of 90,000 euros.


restart thousand euros vouchers

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