“100% stadium capacity? Ok, even if in Italy it is not always necessary”

“100% stadium capacity? Ok, even if in Italy it is not always necessary”
“100% stadium capacity? Ok, even if in Italy it is not always necessary”

Giovanni Malagò has his say. Present at the “Viola Park” construction site in Bagno a Ripoli, in the province of Florence, where the Viola sports center will be built, the president of Coni spoke to the reporters present on an important issue such as the return to 100% of capacity in Italian stadiums. Here are his statements taken from “TMW”.

About the Viola Park project

“I’m honest: me I am amazed by the importance and quality of this project. I think I am quite a connoisseur of similar realities, even very prestigious ones, but realistically what I saw here today I have not seen anywhere. This extraordinary ability to bring together all sectors of the team from spring, to women up to the first team. There is also a small stadium for women and spring or first team friendlies. But also the quality of the place, which is decisive, looks like a painting by the Impressionists. With an important and courageous investment. I took the liberty of telling Barone and Commisso that he called me, which is the best thing they could do for Fiorentina because the club thus capitalizes on something and bequeaths a wonderful coast to all the boys and girls who want to play football. I really have to congratulate you, the boys will want to come here to study and train “.

On the 100% capacity of the stadiums

“This is the understanding. Then it is not that there are so many matches in the Italian league where without all the entrances there are problems, this I want to remember. There must be no limits. I have to defend categories such as basketball and volleyball which have a much more decisive impact on ticketing than in football. The whole sport sector hopes that we will go towards the total reopening “.


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