Clashes during the No Green Pass demonstration, demonstrators in the square with bars and sticks

Sticks and iron bars, the intimation to “let us pass” and “take us to Landini, or we’ll go get him” directed to the Digos agents who were trying to contain the protest, videos shot outside and inside the CGIL headquarters , in some cases by themselves, who film them in the middle of the devastation with their faces uncovered. The latter demonstrates, according to the prosecutor, an “obvious impudence”: these are the elements that emerge from the request for validation of the arrests for the clashes on Saturday 9 October during the degenerate No Green Pass demonstration.

The charges for the six arrested

Forza Nuova leaders Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore, the leader of the ‘Io apro’ group Biagio Passaro, the former Nar Luigi Aronica, Pamela Testa and Salvatore Lubrano ended up in handcuffs. The accusations are in various ways of devastation and looting, seditious gathering in competition, unauthorized demonstration, violence, resistance and injury to a public official. The appearance before the investigating magistrate for the interrogation to validate the arrest is scheduled for Thursday, but the charges are already outlined for the investigators who were roles and above all objectives of the six arrested. That together with other people not yet identified and “in competition with each other” they “used violence and threats against state police officers who were carrying out an act of their office” in particular to the police who had “created a cordon aimed at avoiding acts of violence and also placed to protect the trade union “.

“A consistent action aimed at the destruction and disturbance of public order”

The prosecutors contest the aggravating circumstance of having threatened and attacked “the operatives exceeding 5 people during the demonstration, committing the deed with sticks, iron bars and other offending objects”, and reconstruct what happened in the CGIL headquarters , where they entered “after breaking one of the windows with invasion in all the rooms and serious damage to furniture and furnishings including PCs and other computer equipment, committing the fact during a demonstration in a public place”.

For the prosecutors, the six arrested maintained an “active presence in all the various phases” of the blitz, from the protests in the square to the incursion into the CGIL headquarters, and the goal “was not so much a mere damage action”, but “a much more consistent action aimed at destroying the seat of a constitutionally relevant institution and more generally at disturbing public order “. Other elements that confirm the subversive nature of the events on Saturday, an “urban guerrilla” on which investigations continue, not only of the Digos – which is also dealing with the assault on the emergency room of the Policlinico Umberto I, which took place on the same Saturday evening – but also of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command, who denounced twenty-four people.

The No green pass event of October 16th has been postponed

Meanwhile, tension rises in view of the new No Green Pass event organized for 4 pm by the lawyer Edoardo Polacco together with other associations and movements opposed to green certification. The protest was moved from piazza Santi Apostoli, a point potentially at risk given the proximity to Montecitorio, to piazza Bocca della Verità, already the scene of other protests against vaccine and green pass. The decision came after the last meeting of the Order and Security Committee chaired by the prefect Matteo Piantedosi.

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