risk of traffic on tilt and gatherings on public transport

The day has come. Although, among schools and shops, many have already returned to live their daily life in the presence, tomorrow, Friday 15 October, Rome will truly return to Rome. The end of smartworking will be a fact and about 300,000 employees will return to public offices.

In recent days, the Prefecture met with the mobility managers of the ministries, the trade unions, the representatives of the Municipality, some large private companies and the exponents of the universities to understand the flow of people who will return from home to the workplace. Rome is the city of ministries, whose competence for timetables and presence at the headquarters is national. It is therefore not excluded that, in case of need, it is up to the Prefect to establish any time slots for returning to work in the presence, if the urban traffic were to suffer too much.

Before taking this step, however, it will be necessary to determine how many offices will still continue the voluntary smart working and how many of the workers who will return to the presence, will use public transport or a private vehicle with the risk, however, of flooding the streets of the capital. . It is with this in mind that the mobility agency and prefecture will also take as a hypothesis that of asking the offices not to exclude forms of agile work. A situation, this, in constant evolution, with the trade union parties who will sit – they too – at the tables that will be staged in the coming days.

The staggered hours for shops and schools

Yesterday, in the meantime, the official announcement of the new opening hours for the commercial, artisanal and productive activities of Rome arrived. The Ordinance 172 of 13/10/2021 establishes that from tomorrow 15 October to 15 November 2021 shops and businesses in the capital will adapt to the provisions aimed at containing and managing the spread of COVID-19.

The activities that fall within the so-called “First band (from F1A to and F1B)”, will observe the opening hours from Monday to Friday between 5 and 8.15. This category includes all activities in the food sector, medium and large sales structures in the food sector, ovens and bakers. All the activities that are part of the “Second band (F2 and F3)” will be open from Monday to Friday after 9.15 am. Among these, non-food laboratories (artisanal and non-artisanal), proximity businesses not related to food activities, medium and large sales structures in the non-food sector, phone centers, electronic shops and internet points. In addition to the shops, there are also the staggered hours for schools at 8 and 9.40 to be considered. Groups that students do not go down, so much so that they become the object of protests.

Construction sites in the city

The staggered entrances, of course, will help to manage the flow of public and private transport around Rome, however those who enter the mazes of the Capitoline streets will also have to take into account the series of “work in progress” in the city. . In fact, there are many construction sites and closed roads that bottle up traffic. In the north quadrane, no transit for heavy vehicles on Largo Somalia bus lines 63, 92, 135, 235, 351 and n92 divert. For the rest of the vehicles, circulation is one-way on the directrix from piazza Gondar to via Salaria. Road works also in via Panama. In the east quadrant due to works in via delle Case Rosse height viale del Tecnopolo, the 043 line diverted in the direction of via Ortucchio from viale del Tecnopolo deviates into via delle Case Rosse.

In the western area of ​​the city road works in viale dei Colli Portuensi, between the Gianicolense ring road and via di Monteverde with repercusions on the Gianicolense ring road, via Ramazzini, via Agnelli, piazza Morelli. In the center, instead, redevelopment works in via del Tritone, from largo del Tritone to largo Chigi, in via di San Basilio and via dell’Amba Aradam. In the southern area, on the other hand, there are still problems due to the closure of the Ponte dell’Industria, in the stretch between via Pacinotti and via del Commercio in both directions. The closure was necessary following a fire that broke out in the night between Saturday and Sunday and which led to the collapse of some parts of the structure. Here the alternative viability.

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